CAB drivers are launching an innovative scheme in a bid to educate residents about the difference between Hackney taxis and private-hire vehicles.

Residents that flag down a Hackney Cab that is available for hire and is heading towards High Wycombe will be taken into town for just £1 per head between 9am and 4pm up until December 31.

It is part of a scheme by the Hackney drivers to raise awareness about the difference between their cabs – which people can hail from the roadside – and private-hire cars, which prominently need to be pre-booked.

Hackney Cab spokesman and driver Ghulam Rasool said: “It appears no-one seems to know that they can just hail us in the street, a lot of people think they have to walk to a taxi-rank or book us.

“We are just like the black cabs in London, if you’re walking down the road and see us, just wave us down and we can pick you up.

“We felt with Christmas coming up, and people needing to go into town for shopping, this was the perfect time to do this and give something back to the community.”

If the scheme proves popular the Hackney Cab trade has not ruled out making the town for a pound programme a permanent fixture.

There are about 100 Hackney Cabs operating in the Wycombe district, split evenly between saloon cars with large white taxi signs on the roof and traditional-looking ‘London black cabs’.