JIMMY Carr and Buzz Aldrin might not seem like a natural pairing but that's exactly the kind of eclectic mix at the heart of a Radio 4 show co-written by a Bucks researcher.

Steve Colgan, from Hazlemere, is one of the writers on The Museum of Curiosity - which is effectively the sister show of television programme Qi.

The latest series, hosted by comedian Jimmy Carr, is the first Steve has been involved with.

He said he has had great fun working with the stand up comic and panel show presenter, who hails from High Wycombe, having been a pupil at the Royal Grammar School.

Steve said: "Jimmy's been great. He's a really nice, lovely guy, he genuinely is.

"The persona that he presents, that very acidic sarcastic character on-stage is nothing like the real person.

"He's constantly thinking of jokes, it's amazing he so quick."

Carr could have ended up not appearing on the show after his tax affairs were thrown into the national media spotlight after it was revealed he was part of an avoidance scheme.

"The whole tax thing happened the week before we were due to record the first episode," Steve said.

"He was good as gold and he said 'if you think this could cause the show problems then I will pull-out'. The best thing was when David Cameron came out and had a go at him and that this just reflected all the anger away onto him.

"On the first recording of the very first show he came on and said when the Prime Minister of Britain breaks off from talks with the American president to talk about your own tax affairs you know it's been a funny old week."

Working on the show has thrown up some fascinating guests, Steve told Freetime.

The latest was Buzz Aldrin, part of the first team of astronauts to land on the moon.

"It was wonderful, it wass a real thrill to meet him," Steve said.

"I'm old enough that I saw the moon landings, I was eight years old at the time it was 3am in the UK when it happened and all the school kids were allowed to stay up to watch it that night.

"It was just staggering watching it and to meet the guy that walked on the moon, one of only 12 people who's done it, was extraordinary.

"He was a terrific guy so friendly and chatty and we were able to go back after the show to his hotel bar and chat some more."

Steve, who has recently written his second book, Constable Colgan’s Connectoscope, said: "Because we're a radio show (unlike Qi) the guests don't have to be media savvy or pretty or gorgeous, or famous or anything like that so we can have on anyone we like.

"We've had people like Terry Pratchett, Sir Jonathan Miller, people from behind the scenes at the Natural History Museum.

"Irvin Finkel was one the last. He is the curator of the Mesopotamian artefacts at the British Museum and is one of the only people who can read the earliest form of writing."

The last show in the series aired on Monday night but episodes 4,5 and 6 are available on the i-player.

For more information about Steve and his book visit www.unbound.co.uk