STUDENTS from Great Missenden, who were just four blocks away from the area of New York which lost power during Superstorm Sandy, have been recovering from their dramatic trip.

The 31 pupils and three staff from The Misbourne went to the Big Apple on a half term trip but soon after their arrival the hurricane hit.

They returned home last Saturday as their trip was extended by two days after their first flight was suspended.

On the day they arrived in the city they saw the news about the imminent arrival of the hurricane.

Teacher David Dwight, who accompanied the students, said; "One of our first sights at the airport in New York was the breaking news on TV about the imminent arrival of Hurricane Sandy.

"Our marvellous Misbourne students were undeterred, and enthusiastically undertook two days’ of activities, including a workshop with musical theatre actors, a trip to Coney Island and a talk from two survivors of the 9/11 disaster."

When the storm hit on Monday the Misbourne group was well prepared having packed evacuation bags and bought in food supplies. They watched the events live on TV in their hotel near Times Square.

When they did look out of the windows the storm did not look too bad to them.

The next morning they realised how lucky they had been- they were just four blocks away from the area of the city that completely lost power, and ten blocks away from the crane that failed and was dangling dangerously above the streets below.

Staff from The Misbourne, a specialist Arts and Technology College, had planned the trip so students could experience the best of the exhibitions, performances, sights and activities New York has to offer.

Within a day or two, things had started to re-open and students were able to take part in some of the activities that had been postponed, even getting good seats for the previously sold out Spider-Man Musical.

They were due to return on November 1 and there were concerns some of the students would miss exams, but they were able to get a flight from Baltimore and returned just two days later on Saturday morning.