TONIGHT saw BFP columnist fall out of a boat, sleep on the floor of a jungle and cope with just a dinner of rice and beans as this year’s I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here started.

The former Dr Who, who writes a weekly column in the Bucks Free Press, faced the challenges with quite a cheerful demeanour.

The celebrities were split into teams with boxer David Haye, former Coronation Street star Helen Flanagan, comedian Brian Conley, Eastenders star Charlie Brooks and actress Linda Robson on the red team, Croc Creek.

On the blue team, Snake Rock, was Colin, Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts, darts player, Eric Bristow, MP Nadine Dorries and Made in Chelsea star, Hugo Taylor.

They all met on a beach. In the video clip to introduce himself Colin said: “I would describe myself as a normal bloke really.”

He sang ’Always Look on The Bright Side of Life’ as he walked up to greet the others in his team.

When American Ashley asked him: “What kind of actor are you?” he replied: “A very good one.”

He admitted he was a competitive guy and told the others that his four daughters insisted he go on the programme.

And he said the sole reason he came on the show was to lose weight adding: “What a daft thing to do for someone of my age.”

The teams were then issued a challenge to reach a helicopter off the island first. Croc Creek won the prize of a night in luxury accommodation while Colin’s team were forced to camp out in the bush and sleep on the floor.

The next day they were told they faced a Bushtucker Trial against each other for which David and Hugo were chosen by their teams.

While they set off for the challenge Croc Creek had to cross a wooden bridge above a valley. While the other four, including Colin, had to cross a river in a wooden boat.

Nadine took charge but it resulted in the boat sinking and all four had to swim the remaining distance with Colin being dragged out of the water by Nadine.

David Haye won the Bushtucker Trial, so he won extra food for his team that night, while Hugo went back to camp with nothing extra meaning just a dinner of the basic rice and beans.

Colin looked at his dinner despondently and said: “I think my stomach is shrinking already.”

Hugo cried and said he didn’t expect it to be this hard and said if Nadine was his MP he would expect her to be in her constituency and not taking part in the programme.

While the others actually wasted some of their food.

Helen Flanagan was chosen from Croc Creek to take part in the Bushtucker Trial while Colin was saved by the public and Nadine was chosen to face the trial.

I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here continues tomorrow at 9pm.