TWIN girls aged just three-years-old have become selling artists as friends and family have been snapping up their work for as much as £30.

Ruby and Mae Garratt were eating their meatballs and rice one night when Mae turned to mum, Hayley, and said: "I would like to share my meatballs with children who only eat rice."

The caring twins also said they wanted to share their bedroom with those who don't have a home.

Hayley, who lives in Juniper Road in Flackwell Heath with her husband, John, and their twins who will be four in April said she felt very proud.

The 29-year-old said she has always encouraged her girls not to waste food as there are children less fortunate than them, and told them some of whom only have rice to eat.

She said: "It was very caring, especially at that age. I felt really proud of them.

"Because they are twins they share a lot together. They are really good at that as they had to be.

"It is really nice to see them thinking about others."

With Children in Need approaching Hayley decided her girls could help raise money to help other children as they wanted.

As the girls enjoyed painting anyway they started painting their own works of art to put for sale.

Initially they ran an auction on Facebook of the paintings but following this there was further demand.

She now has people getting in touch requesting a painting by the young artists. Hayley said their particular favourite is painting animals. She said Children in Need is a charity she always likes to support. Hayley said: "Every one can get involved. I always watched it on TV when I was little. For a whole evening you can sit and watch.

"I love children and I am really amazed at the things the charity can do."

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