FREE screenings for mouth cancer are being held at a High Wycombe dental clinic as part of an awareness campaign.

From Monday 19 the Wycombe Dental Centre in Amersham Hill is offering a full screening for Mouth Cancer Action Month.

Around 2,000 people die from the disease in the UK each year and staff at the clinic hope the screenings will increase awareness of the condition.

The message from the campaign, being led by the British Dental Health Foundation, is that early detection and diagnosis of the condition is vitally important.

Mortality rate is around 50 per cent - making it more fatal than most other common cancers - and around 60,000 people in the UK will be diagnosed with mouth cancer over the next decade.

Mouth cancer is twice as likely to affect men than women, though an increasing number of women are being diagnosed with the disease.

Age is another factor, with people over the age of 40 more likely to be diagnosed, though more young people are now being affected than previously.

Wycombe Dental Centre are offering screenings, which comprise of a full oral examination of all the mouth tissues and advice on prevention of the disease.

Bucks Free Press readers are also being offered a new patient consultation at a special rate of £35.

To arrange an appointment or consultation call 01494 442922, quoting Reader Offer to get the reduced rate.