SPORT is being used to help disadvantaged Chesham youngsters get ahead in life - and cut down on antisocial behaviour in the town.

The At The Edge project has given teenagers the opportunity to learn and empower themselves through football, and help in the community at the same time.

It's helped six young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to gained Football Association coaching qualifications, and with it a boost to their chances of gaining employment.

The project, which last year spawned a new football team in Pond Park Rangers, has also led to a fall in antisocial behaviour by giving youngsters something to do.

Police recently donated £1,000 to Hivings Free Church in recognition of the reduced presence they have to maintain on the Hivings Estate thanks to At The Edge.

Project volunteer Michael Kamara said: "The At the Edge Project is giving youngsters hope and a sense of purpose through a chance to gain experience and qualifications and contribute to the life of their local community, which in turn gives them a better chance of finding employment.

"Youngsters are passionate about anything they do - what society needs to do is actually give them a chance."

For more information about the At the Edge Project, or if you think you or your organisation could support it, contact Michael Kamara on