'STAY safe on the roads' is the message from firefighters to motorists this week.

National Road Safety Week starts today and firefighters and community safety staff in Bucks are doing their bit to remind people about the importance of being a safe driver.

Last month High Wycombe Fire Station, Bucks New University and AMF Bowling teamed up to launch 'Don't be driven to distraction', a road safety campaign aimed at young drivers.

Firefighters at Beaconsfield are about to launch a campaign called 'There's no excuse', reminding motorists of the importance of concentrating on their driving and the road ahead.

Keith Wheeler, Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Road Safety Officer, said: "Firefighters witness first-hand the terrible aftermath of road crashes. They are frequently called out to free a driver or passenger trapped in a vehicle after a collision, often as a result of the vehicle being driven at an inappropriate speed.

“Sadly, for some of them, there is nothing the emergency services can do to save them from life-changing injuries or worse.

“We hope Road Safety Week will bring it all into focus and encourage people to drive sensibly, 52 weeks of the year."

Road Safety Week is organised by the charity Brake, which asks drivers to keep an eye on their speed and stay well within speed limits, to always be on the alert for danger and make sure they can stop in time in an emergency.

Advice also includes the warning that slowing down for safety doesn’t just mean staying within speed limits - it also means slowing down when you’re driving in high-risk situations. These include bad weather, when visibility is poor, and near places where there are likely to be people about, such as schools and shops.

Campaigners have also warned motorists to be particularly careful around school gates at the start or end of the school day. What feels slow inside your vehicle could be fatal if a child makes a mistake and steps in front of your vehicle.