AFRICA may be some 8,000 miles away but for a day it felt much closer for school children and Rotarians from Cookham.

Youngsters were given an insight into countries in the west of the continent, such as Burkina Faso, with a film presentation.

They were visited by Severine Diedonne, the founder of charity Africa Turns Green.

The charity, which showcases the work of African entrepreneurs who are trying to protect their environment, is gearing up for a major event at the Belgium Embassy in London next month.

Mrs Diedonne visited Herries School, Cookham Rise School and also spoke to Cookham Bridge Rotary Club.

Mrs Diedonne said: "Coming to Cookham and visiting the schools was a wonderful experience. "I was really amazed by the level of enthusiasm from the children. They are concerned about environment issues and the problem of global warming, and wanted to learn more about Africa.

"The Africa Turns Green film showed children learning to read and write in Burkina Faso and it was an interesting parallel.

"The Uganda film showed children how in Uganda some amazing people are taking care of the gorillas and protecting the local population from getting diseases.

"All of the pupils were very welcoming and asked very thought-provoking questions."

She also met Paul Mansell from Marlow FM, who is aiding the charity, during her visit on November 13

Mrs Diedonne added: "Like the children I come from a privileged background and thanks to all my trips around the world, I realise how lucky I am. I therefore want to make a difference by trying to do something to protect our planet."