THE post box in Marlow High Street will remain forever gold, Royal Mail have announced.

The traditionally red unit was painted because of Paralympic gold medal winner Naomi Riches.

Riches, a Marlow resident, was delighted with the news.

She told the MFP: "I love it, every time I walked past it I grin Cheshire cat style.

"No matter what mood it always makes me smile and it's on my route to training.

"The amount of people who walk past it and think I wonder who got that and I can turn around and say to them, by the way, I got that and then show them the medal.

"The looks I get are of disbelief.

"It's such a pleasure to share that with everyone."

She added that the award she received last week from Marlow Town Council was particularly special because she had got to know the people connected personally.

Marlow Mayor Jocelyn Towns said: "It is exciting news that the post box will be permanent, and fitting for such an achievement, we are very proud to have our own gold medallist in Marlow, and thank Naomi that we will have this permanent reminder of such a great win."

The paralympic rower is now back in full training and looking to next year's World Championships.