A PHOTOGRAPHER says her snapshot of Marlow's business centre activity shows it is far from a 'shanty town'.

Linda Scott wanted to capture the changing face of the town centre, as new shops come in to replace those closing down, and created an exhibition on the subject.

Empty shops have become a hot topic recently after controversial comments by trader Barry Young who claimed Marlow is "becoming a shanty town".

Mrs Scott, who showcased her photos at All Saints Church, said: "It's a balanced perspective for the people who have said it's a shanty town."

She said virtually every shop has been included and it showed a generally thriving town centre, with a number of long standing and well established companies.

Mrs Scott, wife of Councillor Richard Scott, the former Mayor, said: "It was a snapshot of the business community, a photographic portrait that reflected the changes being experienced by Marlow’s High Street and adjacent shopping areas.

"The photographs featured shops that were closing down or that had already closed and gave an insight into the sadness felt by staff at forced closures and by customers at the loss of well-known shopkeepers, whose service was highly valued.

"Losing their jobs, for those working in these businesses, was particularly difficult in such uncertain times. "Some indication of the forces at work could be seen in the reasons for closure - rising rents, redevelopment, ebbing away of some businesses to out of town areas."

Mrs Scott is leader of art and spirituality at All Saints and her pictures were part of an outreach project by the church.

She said: "The intention was to show support for our local businesses, their clients and customers during these difficult times."