RESIDENTS in a Marlow cul-de-sac had a lucky escape last night when a tree was felled in high winds.

Tony Till, 74, said the tree fell across Beechwood Drive, off Henley Road, at about 5am and has blocked residents in.

He added: “I slept through it but apparently it came down about five in the morning with a great crash. It was lucky because if it had fallen the other way it would have hit someone’s house.

“It’s a huge tree, you wouldn’t get your arms round it and it’s gone right across the road. I think it’s an old fir tree. We’ve reported it to Bucks County Council.”

There were strong winds and dozens of flood warnings across the country last night, with the worst affected areas in the South West and Midlands.

A woman in Exeter has reportedly died after being struck by a tree.