ANTHONY Stansfeld has defended his appointment of Cllr David Carroll as his deputy following criticism about the selection process.

The Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner said the appointment procedure was ‘transparent and fully compliant’ with the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act.

Mr Stansfeld also confirmed national media reports that Cllr Carroll would be paid around the £35,000 mark for the job – but pointed out this was lower than the wage some deputies of smaller force areas would receive.

He was responding to complaints and concerns raised by councillors, in particular to comments made by Liberal Democrat Cllr Simon Parker.

In an open letter, Mr Stansfeld said: “Given the size and population of the Thames Valley, I do not think any reasonable person would disagree that I need a deputy to help me undertake and effectively discharge my full range of duties on behalf of all the communities across the area.

“Nevertheless, you will have noted from national media coverage of this issue that some PCCs responsible for much smaller sized force areas and population than me have appointed a deputy on a higher salary than I have done for the Thames Valley.

“This is because of my desire to minimise the cost burden and to maximise value for money on behalf of the local Thames Valley taxpayer.

“Finally, insofar as you may object to the process set out in the Act that applies to the way all PCCs may select and appoint a deputy, may I remind you that this legislation was introduced by the Coalition Government - which includes your Liberal Democrat Party.”

Cllr Carroll stepped down as Wycombe District Council’s Executive Deputy Leader on Friday after being appointed the deputy PCC. He remains a ward member for the district council and Buckinghamshire County Council.

Click here to read Mr Stansfeld’s open letter in its entirety.