A BAND - launched by a shop owner and made up of his customers - will usher in the ‘end of the world’ with a gig at a Wycombe pub.

Former professional guitarist Steve Busby, who owns BBZ Guitars Ltd, will lead his five-piece band, The BBZ Allstars, during a two hour set at The Belle Vue pub on Friday night.

Mr Busby retired from the rock scene at 47 but, after launching his High Wycombe business, he quickly set up a band by cherry picking from the talented musicians who shopped at his Lincoln Road store.

He said: “To start with I just wanted a band to help promote the shop and have a bit of fun with friends.

“But this is now the third line-up of band members we’ve had now as some of them have got their big break from playing with us and have moved on to other bands, landed recording contracts and tours.”

The End of the World Gig – a mixture of rock, blues and jazz – kicks off at 9pm tomorrow night at the pub in Gordon Road. Entry is free.