PUPILS at a Prestwood school were taught to show racism the red card after being visited by three former football stars.

Watford goalscoring legend Luther Blissett, former England youth international Osei Sankofa and Anwar Uddin, the only player of Bangladeshi origin to play professional football in England, all came to the Prestwood campus of the Chiltern Way Federation as part of an anti racism initiative.

Classes looked at debunking myths on stereotypes and not using derogatory language, before a games-based class that taught pupils about teamwork.

The school, which was formerly Prestwood Lodge until it was federated with Wendover House School, helps children with behavioural difficulties.

Learning support assistant Jackie Kemp, who helped to organise the event, said: “We had a multicultural day to help the children understand racism in society.

“Often they’ll say things through sheer ignorance, not understanding the contention and problems it can cause.

“We feel it should now be part of their educational package and are going to do regular events.”

Children from three different year groups took part in the day’s activities.

Mrs Kemp added: “Luther Blissett said their behaviour was impeccable. They agreed to work together without any problems. We are a behaviour school so that was an amazing compliment to our pupils.

“Our head of school Gary Regan was very pleased and went round and said well done to the boys at how good their behaviour was.”