A CHESHAM couple wed this month, 27 years after the bride's parents wedding made front page news.

Josephine Kirkwood married James Ashdown, both 22, at St Mary's Church in Chesham on December 1.

The couple, who live in Milton Road, Chesham, had their reception at the Chartridge Conference Centre.

Their children Blake Kirkwood, aged four, and Zoe Ashdown, two, were page boy and page girl.

Josephine's sister Claire Kirkwood and best friend Zoe Gates were bridesmaid and the best man was James' brother, Iain.

There were 64 guests at the wedding and reception and 110 in all at the evening party. Josephine's dad, Michael gave her away.

Her parents Michael and Debra Kirkwood were on the front of Midweek in 1985 when they got married as on their honeymoon in London and Torquay their hotels had to be evacuated due to an IRA bomb scare.

The headline read 'Honeymoon couple jinxed by terrorist bombers.'

At this wedding the colour scheme was ivory and red. The happy couple met through college.

Josephine is at the University of Hertfordshire studying Information technology management for business and James is an ambulance technician and a retained fireman.

James' parents Marie and John Ashdown are from Chesham. Josh Stone was the usher, Josephine's brother, Ryan Kirkwood was in the wedding party and the Rev John Shepherd conducted the service.