RESIDENTS who had complained about speeding motorists have subsequently been caught driving too quickly by police.

Speeding had been identified by Chesham residents as one of the offences they wanted officers to clamp down on the most.

A number of speed enforcement exercises were then carried out around the town to stop people breaking the limits.

Several motorists were then stopped by officers and either fined and/or given three points on their licence or offered a Speed Awareness Course.

But the report into the police operation stated: “Unfortunately, the majority of offenders were from the Chesham area, and indeed were local residents in the area who had been complaining of speeding motorists.”

The Thames Valley Police report added: “We will continue to undertake speed enforcement operations and deal with the offenders accordingly.”

Meanwhile, signs that activate when motorists are driving too quickly are to be installed in the Great Missenden area.

Two sites with speeding problems have been identified after a survey by Transport for Bucks and the Parish Council, and signs will be put up in both locations. They light up to remind approaching speeding drivers to slow down.