AN educational assessment organisation at Durham University is to create a new test that will potentially replace the current 11+ selection exam from this coming September.

On the final day of the last school term, the 13 grammar schools across Bucks announced they were consulting on a new admissions policy which would include a change to the format of the current test for the 2014 intake of pupils.

Sir William Borlase's Grammar School says on its website that the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring at Durham University has been commissioned to design and provide the new test for grammar school entry, following "a rigorous tendering process".

Each grammar school now serves as its own admissions authority, as they now have Academy status, but are continuing to work with Buckinghamshire County Council in setting up the new assessment.

The new test will assess verbal, numerical and non-verbal ability - as opposed to the current one which focuses on verbal reasoning.

The statement on SWB's website added: "This enables children to demonstrate their ability in a range of concepts. The grammar schools see this as a most positive development."

The consultation ends on March 1, but more information on the changes is to be released next week.

Councillor Mike Appleyard, BCC cabinet member for education and skills said; ''We are continuing to work in partnership with the Grammar Academies on the development of the selective process.

"There is a continued commitment by all partners to ensuring that the admissions system within Buckinghamshire remains cohesive and that, crucially, it puts the child at the centre of the process. Systems remain in place to ensure that information is communicated to parents in a timely fashion and more detail will be forthcoming in January."

Currently many parents pay for coaching sessions for their children to help them through the 11+ process - what impact any revised tests would have on this training is unclear at present.