A LARGE summer house in a Marlow garden which has attracted strong opposition from neighbours has been given the green light.

Wycombe District Council's planning committee has approved a retrospective proposal for a building in the back yard of a home in Claremont Gardens.

The application attracted controversy because of the size of the building, with a number of neighbours writing in to the council to oppose it.

Ian Milburn of Claremont Gardens, representing neighbours, argued that the development was too big and intrusive.

"Construction this big has a significant visual impact on the surrounding properties and gardens and is completely out of character of the area," he said at the meeting on Wednesday night.

Councillor Richard Scott was concerned at the size and scale of the building.

He said: "I don't think it can really be described as a summer house."

Fellow tory Cllr Alan Hill called it "very dominant" but others including Cllrs Clive Harris and Alan Turner disagreed.

Cllr Turner said: "I was quite mortified when I first saw a picture, I thought this was going to be huge but as I arrived the impact is absolutely minimal on surrounding properties."

Opponents claimed that it would end up being used for purposes other than a summer house. Cllr Hugh McCarthy expressed concerns it was such a size as could become a 'granny annex' in future.

But Tony England, speaking on behalf of applicant Richardy Potyka, dismissed this, saying: "Under no circumstances was it intended to be used in any other capacity. Rumours that its intended for any other use are inaccurate."

The building will be further screened, he added.

The committee went with officials' recommendation to grant permission, voting 12 to 1 in favour.