A BIG thaw could be coming at the end of this week, a forecaster says.

The beginning of the end of the cold snap could happen on Friday, if current fronts showing on the satellite pictures continue to develop as they showed on Monday afternoon, a Bucks weatherman predicted.

Jim Dale from British Weather Services in Hazlemere told the BFP yesterday afternoon that more snow this week is not on the cards, though he did not rule it out completely.

As for later in the week, he said: “The next major thing is what we're seeing is an advancing front on Friday. It will have rain on its front and back edge and may be the start of a thaw with milder stuff coming in.

“That means two things, a deep frost will thaw, leading to burst pipes. That is a real threat because of low temperatures, so people need to be aware. Don't go away now and leave your heating off.

“The second thing is of course with all the snow on the ground, there's flood potential as snow melts.”

But he added: “We're not in a position to say that 100 per cent, we'll wait to see how the week unfolds.”

He said milder conditions are certainly looking a good possibility at the end of the week at this stage at least.