A GAS leak is set to cause long delays for rush hour traffic through Loudwater for the rest of this week.

National Grid workers have dug up a section of road at the bottom of Treadaway Hill and are trying to locate the leak by feeding a camera into the gas pipes.

Four-way temporary lights are controlling vehicles at the busy junction and caused long waits for drivers using London Road, Station Road, Boundary Road, Kingsmead Road and Treadaway Hill this morning.

Anthony Quarrell, spokesman for the National Grid, said the work started yesterday and is still likely to be ongoing come the weekend.

He added: “We are investigating what we believe are a number of gas escapes from the gas mains in Treadaway Hill.

“This is a busy area and to enable this work to be done we have agreed with the council to install temporary four way traffic lights while we carry out the work.

“We are currently trying to identify the source of the leaks so that they can be repaired. We are doing all we can to resolve this matter as soon as possible.

“We're sorry for any inconvenience the work may cause but it is essential and must be done to help ensure the area continues to enjoy a safe and reliable gas supply.”

If anyone smells gas or has concerns about gas safety they should call 0800 111 999.