DAVID Cameron's announcement that there will be a referendum giving Britain a chance to leave the European Union is a 'breakthrough', Wycombe MP Steve Baker says.

Mr Baker, who has rebelled against the Government over the issue of Europe in House of Commons votes, backed the Prime Minister's pledge, which was made yesterday.

Voters will get the chance to have their say in a ballot by 2017 - if the Conservatives win a majority at the next general election in 2015.

Mr Cameron said he wants to renegotiate Britain's position to bring back some powers from Brussels but wants to remain in the EU.

Eurosceptic Mr Baker said: "I am delighted with the Prime Minister’s EU speech. "I am glad that we have at last had this breakthrough, a breakthrough which democrats of all parties should support.

"The review of the balance of powers between the UK Government and the EU now needs to make real what is too often an abstract debate so that the public can make an informed choice.

"It remains to be seen whether the nations of Europe want to make the changes the EU desperately needs. In any event, if a Conservative Government is returned in 2015, the public will decide whether we are governed from London or Brussels."