DRIVERS who fail to stop for lollipop men and women could face a £1,000 fine, three penalty points and disqualification.

This month Transport for Buckinghamshire launched a Stop Means Stop campaign to highlight how drivers have a legal duty to stop when they are shown the STOP lollipop sign.

Cabinet Member Peter Hardy visited schools in the area last week including West Wycombe.

He said: "This important campaign aims to raise the awareness of the valuable contribution made by School Crossing Patrollers and we also hope to encourage more people to get involved at the sites where we currently have vacancies."

Drivers are advised to allow more time on the daily journey if it takes them past a school, particularly at the beginning or the end of the school day, as they may be requested to stop.

If you would like to become a lollipop patroller, call 01494 586639 or 01296 383432.