MARLOW Amateur Operatic Society hopes its latest show, Our House, will appeal to all ages. The musical is full of Madness music and is about Joe Casey, who becomes involved in petty crime and follows different directions in his life in London.

Chairman Heather Morgan, 25, spoke about what the production has to offer.

How many people are in the cast? There are 20 of us. That is pretty much the entire company. We are a relatively small company.

Who do you play? Sarah, who is the love interest of the lead character.

What's it about? The story is split two ways. One does the right things and the other does the bad thing. I have to work out where we are in the story to know which character I am playing. In rehearsals it is more difficult as in the show the lead guy will be wearing black for bad Joe and white for good Joe, so we will know where we are at.

Why did you choose Our House? The problem we have got is not many men these days want to do amateur theatre. When we pick a show we have to pick a show which doesn't require many men. Last year we went for Bad Girls which only has two blokes. This year we wanted to integrate more men into the society. It has four male leads and other bit parts. Madness are ridiculously popular once again and now appeal to a different demographic. We want to appeal to a wider age group. We used to do operatic style shows which had an ageing audience. About five years ago we started doing younger shows. And now we want everyone to come along.

What does Marlow Amateur Operatic Society offer that other am dram groups don't?

We kind of accept any one. You see all the hype about Glee Clubs in America that anyone can be part of, which is kind of what we are about. There is not an audition process to get into the society. As long as you are interested in theatre and the society we welcome you with open arms. We accept 16-year-olds and upwards. We welcome every one- it is a Glee Club for everyone.

The Marlow Amateur Operatic Society Presents Our House, The Madness Musical at The Shelley Theatre, Court Garden Leisure Centre, Pound Lane, Marlow from March 13 to 16 at 7.30pm. Tickets start at £12 from the Marlow Tourist Information Centre or call Roxy on 07799 536366 or go to