IN the intimate surroundings of the town hall in High Wycombe the Wycombe Swan Youth Theatre brought the madness and humour of Little Shop of Horrors to the stage.

Arriving at the venue I had to wait in the foyer for my friend to arrive so I was surrounded by the cast who were in character.

This is one of the quirks which the youth theatre always do and I am fascinated it by it as they never go out of character and you get to see how talented they are up close.

Into the theatre I was impressed by the professional looking set, which was based in Mr Mushnick's flower shop.

It was extremely well done and would not look out of place in a professional show.

And then for the rest of the evening I was impressed- by the costumes, by the live band, by the singing, the American accents and of course the acting.

The story is really quirky- horticulturist Seymour, who is in love with Audrey, and works for Mr Mushnick discovers a new plant after an eclipse.

But this plant has a taste for human flesh, so Seymour is left with a dilemma- impress the girl he loves or get rid of the plant, which has brought him success.

Jonny Brown was brilliant as the mild mannered Seymour as was Kirsten Obank as Audrey, who had an amazing voice.

Tom Antoniw was fantastically over the top as the crazy Mr Mushnick and the chorus of seven girls as The Rockettes were all brilliant- with great voices and good rhythm.

The way the plant was portrayed was very clever and I think the real star of the show was the stunning Jenny Jones, who played Audrey II.

She had an excellent voice and a confidence that overtook the stage.

Joe Scatley also delivered an impressive performance of the crazed dentist, Orin Scrivello.

The performance wasn't quite as polished as their last show but this did not take away from my enjoyment of the show.

There was plenty of humour throughout which the young cast could easily deliver.

Once again the Wycombe Swan Youth Theatre impressed me with their talent and I look forward to seeing their next show in the summer, which is Oliver.