DRIVERS have been wrongly slapped with fines for parking on pavements, council officials have admitted.

Parking bosses at Bucks County Council have conceded that Eton Place and Lexham Gardens residents were incorrectly booked by wardens and have said anyone affected should claim their money back.

Householder Richard Hester said he and neighbours were left confused about how to park their cars on the narrow street after the penalties were issued on February 9.

His main complaint was the lack of communication from the council.

He said: "We are now left with a problem because we don’t know how to park.

"The council said to park on the road and not on the pavement, but could have at least given us notice before booking everybody."

The 40-year-old builder, an Eton Place resident for nearly two decades, said cars have always been parked halfway on the footpath.

"The road is really narrow and it’s the only way to allow others to drive through," he said.

Eton Place is a no-through road off Queens Road, between Oxford Road and York Road, and has no parking restrictions such as double or single yellow lines.

The council said one ticket was given in Eton Road two were issued in Lexham Gardens.

It revealed a fine can only be issued for parking on footways to heavy good vehicles or where parking restrictions are in place - though it does not encourage the practice because it damages pavements and restricts safe access for pedestrians.

Rosemary Bryant, spokesman for Transport for Buckinghamshire, said: "There had not been any specific request to enforce Eton Place, but CEOs were aware that footway parking occurred there from observations when enforcing the double yellow lines at the junction.

"The county council asked its contractor NSL to commence enforcement of HGV parking on footways and verges.

"Unfortunately there was some misunderstanding by the civil enforcement officers (CEOs) who were asked to enforce against this contravention."

Ms Bryant revealed the misunderstanding resulted in a number of cars incorrectly receiving penalty charge notices and those will be eligible for a refund. Ms Bryant added: "There is currently a parking review being undertaken in Marlow by BCC and Eton Place forms part of this review.

"The review is looking at alternative measures to control the indiscriminate parking that is reportedly occurring across the whole of that area.

"Once options have been identified then residents will be consulted."