BRUCE Foxton has the same passion for music as he did when he was in The Jam. And he said life is good after he remarried 18 months ago and has rekindled his friendship with former band mate, Paul Weller. His band, From The Jam is going from strength to strength with another packed calendar booked with gigs. And last October Bruce Foxton released the Foxton album, Back In The Room, which features Blues Brothers legend, Steve Cropper and Paul Weller.

But would Weller ever play with From The Jam?

Foxton, 57, said: "He is doing his thing. He is a happy family man- he has two boys- understandably he wants to spend a lot of time with them. "He is restrictive on what is doing this year as he wants to be with his family more.

"Hopefully we will continue to record on each other's records."

Foxton contributed to Weller's Wake Up The Nation in 2010. And they performed together at The Royal Albert Hall in May 2010.

The Jam split in 1982 and Foxton pursued a brief solo career before he joined Stiff Little Fingers who he stayed with for 15 years. For years Weller and Foxton did not get on. But Foxton said: "It went like that unfortunately for a good few years. "It took the death of my first wife and shortly followed by John, Paul's dad, to pass away.

"We realised life is too short and got it back together.

"We buried the hatchet and are enjoying life now. "It is water under the bridge."

Foxton's wife, Pat, died in 2009 from breast cancer. He said: "Pat was the sort of girl, even through The Jam and Stiff Little Fingers, she encouraged me to keep going. Even when I though I have had enough, when really what I am going to do."

He took a break from music for a while before returning, because he thought it is what Pat would have wanted. Foxton remarried 18 months ago to Kate, who he met through mutual friends and who had known Pat well. He said: "She has been fantastic. I am very happy again. My life took a nose dive. Now it is on the up again."

He also revealed: "She (Kate) was a big fan. She is a few years younger than me. She used to have a picture of me on her wall. "Who would have thought all those years later we would have finished up being married."

And he said he puts the same amount of energy into From The Jam as with The Jam. He said: "I play these songs with as much passion as I did all those years ago. It is not a cabaret act at all."

The Jam had 18 top 40 singles in the UK including That's Entertainment and Just Who Is The 5 o'Clock Hero?

He added: "I am that much older. The 35 years of leaping around like an idiot have taken its toll- cartilage operations- got myself repaired every now and then.

"I am still pretty fit. I do what I am able to do. I still go for it.

"Mentally I am about 25- physically I wish."

And he has just recorded a video with Steve Cropper for Don't Waste My Time, which Cropper contributed to, who he said was a really lovely guy. The next step is to record more and continue to collaborate with Russell Hastings- his fellow bandmate in From The Jam. He said: "We record it and put out what we believe in."

From the Jam is at Sub 89 Reading, 110 to 117, Friar Street in Reading on March 29 at 8pm, plus support. Tickets are £21.28 (including fee) Go to