MISHA B is taking life in her stride after being catapulted to stardom two years ago, and her latest single celebrates everything her topsy-turvy life can throw at her.

The 21-year-old star, who shot to fame as an X-Factor semi-finalist in 2011, is gearing up for the release of her third single ‘Here’s to Everything’ on April 28.

And the singer-songwriter refuses to let the little things get her down, with an upbeat song carrying a positive message to her fans.

"I decided to call the single ‘Here’s to Everything’, as I couldn’t think of a better title," she said.

"It’s about celebrating everything in life, the highs as well as the lows.

"Sometimes it doesn’t take much for things to make you feel low, but it’s important to stay positive and just raise a glass to life as a whole, with all its ups and downs.

"But it’s a song I’m sure everyone can relate to, some days you feel high and on top of everything and other days things get on top of you and get you down. I suppose it’s a bit bi-polar really!"

‘Here’s to Everything’ comes on the back of her two previous successes, with her debut single ‘Home Run’ charting at number 11 last July and the follow up ‘Do You Think of Me’ peaking at number nine four months later.

Misha has also tasted life at the top of the charts, being part of the X-Factor charity single ‘Wishing on a Star’ which hit the number one spot in November 2011.

The urban singer/rapper, whose full name is Misha Bryan, lists Tina Turner, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder among her influences.

She openly admits her musical style crosses boundaries, and her new single is no different, with an eclectic mix of styles contributing to the production.

And the Manchester-born singer is keen to be remembered for more than just her catchy tunes, claiming meaningful words are vital to forming the Misha B sound.

She said: "The song dynamics are really interesting actually. There’s some dubstep in there, with a dancey reggae style which I hope will get everyone dancing.

"Reggae is a style close to my heart, and I love to draw on my Jamaican roots. So Drums and rhythm are a real priority to me, but it’s not just about the beat.

"Lyrics are equally important, and everything I write comes from real life experience and is from the heart. "

Misha’s desire to pen personal songs with is the driving force behind her long-awaited debut album, which is currently scheduled for release in the summer.

Her insistence on producing an authentic collection of tracks has led to almost a two-year wait for the as-yet untitled album, but Misha believes it will be worth the wait.

"I’m about three quarters of the way there with the album now," she said. "It’s basically a diary of my life so far, so it’s a bit of a rollercoaster.

"I really want to make it the best album it can be, so if it takes time, so be it.

"It’s my first record so I’ve got to be proud of it. But I’ve got a great team behind me, so I’m confident."

Misha B emerged as one of the most exciting prospects from the 2011 series of The X-Factor, with reviews praising her star quality and show-stopping vocal performances.

Her eccentric dress sense and confrontational style on the ITV series made her a memorable contestant, and since the show her life has changed completely.

But as many other singers have discovered, the shelf-life of reality TV stars can be severely limited.

However, Misha remains unfazed by the pressure, insisting both her music and her fans will carry her through on her journey to maintain the life-changing experience provided by overnight fame.

"Everything’s changed for me over the last year or so, it’s crazy," she said. "I’m living the dream. I can’t walk down the street without someone recognising me.

"I remember hearing my song on the radio for the first time, I was in the car with my friends and we all went mad!

"My fans are great, everyone’s been really supportive. If I’m confident about the music I’m making then hopefully the fans will enjoy it too and buy the record."

So what next for Misha B? After a period of intensive recording, she is hitting the road over the spring and summer for a series of live gigs.

And with further shows planned for after the album release, Misha may be appearing at a venue near you for her first ever visit to Wycombe.

She said: "I’ve loads of gigs lined up over the summer. I’m even playing in Beirut which I’m so excited about.

"Since I’ve been recording the album I’ve really missed doing as many shows, so I can’t wait to get back to it.

"I’ve never actually been to Wycombe, but I’d really like to get out there and do a gig once the album’s out."

Here’s to Everything is released on April 28 on the Relentless label. For more information on releases and gigs, visit her official page at www.mishabmusic.com

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