Updated: Elections 2013 candidates' written statements - Wycombe district

4:54pm Monday 29th April 2013


VOTING time is nearly here, with the Bucks County Council elections just a few days away.

All candidates in the Chiltern, Wycombe and South Bucks zones have been invited to write written statements about why they should get your vote on May 2.

Click here for our election table - which will be updated as the results come in on Friday - which has a full list of candidates.

Below are the statements from the contenders, by electoral division, for the Wycombe district area. If there is no statement beneath the name that candidate has not supplied one.

If you are candidate and have already sent in a statement but can not see it below, please can you re-send to both jnadal@london.newsquest.co.uk and bfpnews@london.newsquest.co.uk and it will be added in here as soon as possible.


Wycombe District Council area

Abbey division

Ahmed Riaz, Labour

Clarke Lesley, Conservative

Knight Matt, Liberal Democrat

I have been a District Councillor since 2011 having been inspired by the outstanding work of councillors Chaudhary Ditta and Julia Wassell not least in their support of the campaign to not only save but rebuild Micklefield Library.
The closure of Micklefield Library was a good example of how damaging it can be to a community when decisions are made in isolation from local people. Other examples include the closure of Holywell Mead Pool, the Booker Stadium project and the closure of services at Wycombe Hospital.
I want to see Buckinghamshire County Council become increasingly accountable to residents. As a councillor I am as available as possible to the people I represent, to listen to them and champion their views and concerns.
I am a qualified health professional and manager of a local mental health charity in Abbey division, in High Wycombe town centre. I previously worked locally in the NHS and daily see the impact of the steady removal of NHS services from Wycombe. It is essential that the County Council uses all the powers it has to challenge this and ensure that the people of Wycombe have fair access to health care.
I am proud to be a Liberal Democrat and to promote their values of building “a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.”
Please vote Liberal Democrat on May 2nd. 

Harris Bob, UKIP

Bob Harris is not a politician, and has never expressed any interest in being one. However, dismayed and appalled by both activities and inactivities of our local councillors to deal with the requirements of the local community, I have decided to get involved and try to do something positive.

Today, we have a hospital that has lost A&E and other services, yet no attempt was made to save this by the incumbent councillors.  High Wycombe needs A&E, so let’s do something about it.

The roads are littered with potholes, and if repairs ‘are’ made, they are generally short lived and ineffectual. A better road maintenance program is required, one that encompasses superior standards of long life surface materials and workmanship.  Contractors should be held accountable for the long term standards of their work. 

HS2 is both a national and local issue. Frankly, I am opposed to the scheme on the grounds that it is both wasteful financially for the entire country, and destructive for the local community’s AONB.

I found it beyond belief that not so long ago, our councillors were seriously committing themselves to pay many millions of taxpayers money (our money) on a Football Stadium for a private consortium, and in doing so, would happily destroy both Wycombe Air Park, and AONB. In the end, they did spend hundreds of thousands on feasibility studies and consultants. Highly disgraceful and wasteful.

The bottom line is that councillors should listen to, and act upon, the needs and concerns of the community that elects them.

Booker Cressex and Castlefield division


Hussein Ricki, Independent

Mohammed Zahir, Conservative

Pearce Brian, UKIP

Hanif Mohammed, Labour

My name is Mohammed Hanif and I am the Labour Party candidate for Booker Cressex and Castlefield Ward.  

I have been Wycombe District Councillor for Oakridge and Castlefield Ward for the past two years. I’ve been holding monthly public surgeries at Castlefield and Green Street community centre to listen to people’s issues and concerns and help them in whatever way I can.

I’ve been a governor of Millbrook and Castlefield School for about a year.  As a member of The Royal Society of Chemistry I regularly help out with the science activities and career events at local schools.

I’ve lived in High Wycombe for over forty years and have three grown up children who went to local schools. I’m a manager at an International energy company and have worked there for over twenty five years.

Our local roads are peppered with Potholes that never get repaired on time. Current county councillors are out of touch with local residents and when people want them they are nowhere to be seen.  I’ve been going beyond my local councillor duties to report and get potholes fixed and street lights repaired.

New official figures showed that major Accident & Emergency units in England have now missed the four-hour waiting time target every single week for six months. There are reports of ambulances queuing outside hospitals and patients left on trolleys for hours on end.

Re-location of A&E to Stoke Mandeville was scandalous and I will work tirelessly for bringing the A&E back to High Wycombe.

As the new tax year kicks in Labour highlighted figures showing families will be worse off this year because of tax rises and cuts to tax credits and benefits introduced since 2010.  These shocking figures show the huge hit many families are facing

Labour Party is on the side of working people so a vote for me as your Labour Party candidate on 2nd of May will give me the opportunity to bring about the change that local residents urgently need.

Parker Simon, Liberal Democrat  

My name is Simon Parker and I am the Liberal Democrat candidate for Booker Cressex and Castlefield.  

I am also very proud to have been the Wycombe District Councillor  for Booker & Cressex for the past two years.

 In government the Liberal Democrats are building a stronger economy and a fairer society from which everyone can benefit, both locally and nationally.

We've given millions of workers an extra £700 in the pocket through tax threshold increases, and we have removed 15,000 Bucks workers from income tax completely.

We've also secured the largest rise in state pensions in a generation, safeguarded them with a triple lock against inflation, whilst providing a massive boost in finance for 7,500 of Bucks' least well off  school kids, giving them the fighting start in life they deserve through another of our manifesto commitments, the pupil premium.

Locally people are shocked by the lack of an A&E department at Wycombe hospital.

A town of our size simply demands full Accident & Emergency facilities and is frankly not safe without one.

Transport links are poor at most times and frankly non existent during the night time, whilst  the cost of travelling halfway across the county places an intolerable burden on people at a time of acute stress.

Wycombe Liberal Democrats have collected hundreds of names on our petition demanding that the County Council hold an enquiry into the situation, and my commitment is that if elected we will not stop fighting until our demands are met.



Chiltern Villages division


Luxton Rita, UKIP

Morris Peter, Labour 


Lambourne Paul, Liberal Democrat

Paul Lambourne was born and bred in High Wycombe and comes from a family of nine boys, and is passionate about the District.

Paul was a former Class One Football Referee, and spent most of his working life organising community transport, both in Aylesbury and High Wycombe.

Currently Paul works within the Funeral businessl. He said it's a great honour and privilege to be able to organise the very last thing you can do for someone.

Paul put himself forward as a candidate during the 1999 District Council campaign.

It wasn't long before Paul became a very effective Councillor, and was elected as Deputy Mayor for High Wycombe in 2002-2003.

In 2008-2009 paul was elected Town Mayor of High Wycombe,   He was also appointed Town Beadle in 2003 a post he still holds today.

With your support on May 2nd Paul will strive to;   Support schools in preparing young people for adult life, close the achievement gap and help them to make a positive contribution to a healthy society   Invest in our roads as one of the County's major assets so that we have the road network that communities need and deserve.

Support and value the contribution of the voluntary sector in ensuring the health and well being of senior citizens,   Campaign for a single tier local Government authority to reduce duplication and waste in council services.

Only the Liberal Democrats will deliver a strong economy and a fairer society enabling every one to get on in life.

Please support Paul on May 2nd and VOTE FOR REAL CHANGE IN BUCKS.

Teesdale Jean, Conservative

I have decided to stand for the county Council because I believe I can really make a difference.

I am a local woman and have been a district councillor for 31 years. I have a wealth of experience of local government , and a proven track record for standing up for what I believe in. We are privileged to live in such a beautiful area  and I will do all I can to make sure it remains that way.

I am passionate about the green belt and ANOB and will vigorously fight to  protect it.

Our roads are in a very bad state of repair. I know that the county council has put millions of pounds in the budget to repair them, and  has just started its first tranche with £10 million being spent.    We must make sure that the money is spent wisely and call them to account if it is not . I will be pressing the County to make the roads good and to a high standard and  not accept anything less.  We want to see permanent solutions not just patching up .

I want to work for you and with you to make sure you get the best possible representation at county.

So I ask you to put your trust in me on May the 2nd. I will not let you down.

Downley division

Brown Matt, Liberal Democrat







Mohammed Rafiq – Labour

I am delighted to have been selected by the Labour Party for both District by election and County Council election on 2nd May. I have lived in High Wycombe for over forty years and have served as District Councillor from 2007 to 2011. I have  served on various organisations including Citizens Advice Bureau. I am by profession a chemist working for an international oil company for over thirty years.

My pledge to the residents in Downley is that, I will campaign through the County Council for better health services and return of A&E to High Wycombe.  At the moment patients are expected to travel to Stoke Mandeville and if they are lucky enough to own a car, will find badly neglected roads, crumbling with potholes and impossible to park when they arrive.  I will fight for improvements in roads and transport.

Parents are finding it harder and harder to find places in local schools for their children as more schools become academies and opt out of the Council’s control and run their own admissions process.  Children find themselves travelling further and further to school with little or no support for travel costs. I will work tirelessly for the improvement of educational services.

I feel strongly about environmental issues and genuinely want to work for a better future for present and future generations.

I will always stand up for the interests of constituents first. If elected I will hold regular surgeries and provide updates about the work I am doing in the area.


Mallen Wendy,Conservative

Wendy Mallen is the Conservative candidate for the Downley division in the 2nd May county council elections.

Wendy moved to High Wycombe 31 years ago with her husband and two children.  She is involved with the local Citizens’ Advice Bureau, District Scout Council, and Wycombe Inner Wheel club.  She was a local school governor for twelve years.

Wendy has supported the 3rd Downley Scouts, Downley Community Centre, Downley War Memorial Hall, Disraeli School, The Pastures Church and Maplewood Special School with funds for major equipment purchases.

Since 2005 Wendy has served on several major County Council Scrutiny committees, was appointed Chairman of the Regulatory and Audit Committee, and is currently Vice-Chairman of the Appeals and Complaints Committee.  Wendy is a member of Bucks Overview and Scrutiny Committee for Health, working for better health in our area.

Wendy has: ·         Lobbied with Health Authorities for improved health provision in the Downley area which resulted in a new pharmacy opening in June 2012.

·         Worked with the Police, housing associations and District Council to help make the area a pleasant and safer place to live. ·         Campaigned for more road improvements and there will be a large road resurfacing programme starting soon in the Downley division.

·         Has supported the work of Lighthouse High Wycombe to give children a positive experience of life.

·         Campaigned to improve developments to ensure the character and green spaces of Downley division are maintained.

·         Campaigned for more community facilities in the Disraeli area.

  Wendy regularly attends the monthly Downley Parish Council meetings to hear local residents’ concerns and work to ameliorate them with local and county agencies.

If elected, Wendy Mallen will continue to work hard for you and listen to your concerns and requests your vote on 2nd May.   



Srao Vijay, UKIP

As a farmer ,I grow crops such as feed Wheat ,Barley and fodder for dairy cattle. I take a keen interest in farming and rural affairs and want to safeguard the greenbelt from unnecessary development. I live on Hughenden Avenue and went to school at Bellfield (now Disraeli) and John Hampden.

Friends ,neighbours ,your priorities are my priorities, what happens here affects me every day, unlike the other candidates ,none of whom actually live in the area.

Enough is Enough, mending POTHOLES should take priority over council vanity schemes. Neglecting the physical environment and poor transport links blights an area, this lowers property prices  ( a home is a family’s biggest asset), encourages anti-social behaviour and discourages business and enterprise.

According to the official ‘State of Wycombe Report’ http://www.wycombe.gov.uk/Core/DownloadDoc.aspx?documentID=471    Pages 28-35

Downley and Plomer Hill are in the bottom  40% of wards nationally for business and enterprise ,sustainable transport  and access to services.

Disraeli is in the bottom 20% of wards nationally in nearly all indicators . We need to relay roads and pavements, improve transport links (too many buses to Downley are cancelled) and access to services , crack down on fly tipping, graffiti and anti-social behaviour .

Business and enterprise should be encouraged ,we need jobs and growth.
To really focus on local issues,High Wycombe needs a TOWN COUNCIL, just like they have in Marlow and Princess Risborough. Something has to be done right now ,the Conservative LibDem coalition has neglected the area for far too long .

Vote for Change , Vote UKIP on May 2nd.

My election leaflet http://t.co/tcydETxazv

My Election video http://t.co/RNenSeZWWc

UKIP Local Manifesto 2013  http://www.ukip.org/media/policies/LocalManifesto2013.pdf



Flackwell Heath, Little Marlow and Marlow South East division


Scott Tim, UKIP

Vickery Nigel, Labour

Watson David, Conservative

Bailey Jem, Green 

The Chiltern Green Party wants to be your voice in the decisions that affect you - protection of the green belt & listening to local opinion rather than ignoring it - as the Conservatives are doing on HS2.
If elected we would push for more support for local businesses and stop the current sprawl of the big supermarkets by scrutinising all new planning applications that affect our communities. We would welcome local initiatives like the transition town networks & improve the ability for people to grow their own food.
We will campaign to improve our road network by investing in high quality public transport with defined cycled routes & 20mph speed limits in our villages & introduce better speed controls rather than the current damaging road humps that litter our villages.
We will promote proper insulation & invest more in renewables, such as solar panels and heat pumps and promote the financial savings in these trying times.
But most of all, we will listen…..  There is staleness in the council chambers, with little enthusiasm and little action on the ideas we will bring to the table.
At the moment it is not easy to see how decisions are made within the council. Many decisions are taken in private and it is not always clear who made a decision, or when it was made. As Green Party councillors, we would want the council to be more transparent, accountable and inclusive, to involve the community in helping the council to make better and more informed decisions and be inclusive rather than confrontational.
So on May 2nd you will be given a choice on who you wish to represent you in your community. You of course have the usual suspects & in addition you have an option of the widely fielded UKIP who have come to the party late.
But outside of that you have a party that has been steadily growing election after election, winning over voters who realise we are more interested in the long gain not short term fixes. A vote for the Green Party isn't a wasted vote, it's a vote for shared values & fairness, its a vote for your community. Make your vote count on Thursday & vote Green


Burden Paul, Liberal Democrat

I am standing as a Liberal Democrat candidate for the Flackwell Heath, Little Marlow and Marlow South East Division because I have lived in this area for 40 years and it has been good to me and my family. I have received much from this community and I now want to give something back.

If I were elected, I would judge any issue which came before the County Council against the simple principle: Is this good for the area? My hope would be that what was good for the area was in line with my Party’s policy – but the good of the area would always take priority over the good of the Party.

A healthy local democracy needs vigorous debate to ensure that all policies and proposals are subjected to rigorous examination. That is something which has been lacking in recent years when a hundred percent of the seats on all locally elected bodies (in Marlow at least) have been held by a single party.

One thing that has emerged in recent weeks is that few voters have any idea just what the County Council does. I believe that my forty years of professional life in communications give me the right skills to shed some light on important issues of policing, education and youth services which have dropped out of view.

As junior Coalition Partners, Lib Dems have had to accept that the Conservatives hold the whip-hand in all important economic decisions. We stand ready and strong to challenge their right to throw the baby our with bathwater.

Hazlemere division

Bates Ian, Labour

Guy Wendy, Liberal Democrat

Hello, I’m Wendy Guy and I am standing for the Liberal Democrats Hazlemere.

I have strong links with the area. As well as living nearby, two of my children were educated at Sir William Ramsay where I was a governor. I believe very strongly in prioritising good quality education for all of our young people.

In my professional life I manage a large department store.

After all that as happened in Hazlemere in recent times, I believe that I can bring you a breath of fresh air. You will find me to be passionate about people and straight talking.

I have lots of experience in fighting local issues with local Liberal Democrats. We have been for some years the most successful opposition group in the area. We listen to local people and that is why we fought the closure of the swimming pool on the Rye and the plans to concrete over Wycombe Air Park.

One of my priorities for Hazlemere is to see a 20mph zone in Rose Avenue to protect our children.

The state of our roads is, frankly, appalling. We have listened to years of excuses as our roads crumble and I know you must be bored with the broken promises. Bucks County Council has squandered money in other areas, so I want to know why we can’t have decent road surfaces.

If you elect me on May 2nd, you will have a strong voice to represent you at County Hall.

Mapletoft Brian, UKIP

I believe the opportunity is now opening for a new start at County Hall.

Problems with the county’s infrastructure, from roads to hospitals, illustrate that the very composition of local government in Buckinghamshire should be changed.

Let’s look at the issues:

·    Roads are a disgrace.  In Buckinghamshire it is easier to identify roads with potholes than those without.  We have had a policy of benign or blind neglect for a generation, changed just in the last couple of years to make-do and mend.

·    Hospitals seem incapable of serving their local communities.  We do not object to a degree of specialisation, but to close down the A&E department at Wycombe District Hospital is unacceptable.  Wycombe, a town of over 100,000 souls (including surrounding villages) requires an A&E.  

·    Governance.  Buckinghamshire has a county council, two unitary authorities, four district councils, five town councils and innumerable parish councils, all looking after different bits of local responsibilities, all with their own little or large bureaucracies , all manned with their own array of councillors. 

Bringing this all together:  let us implement Michael Heseltine’s “No Stone Unturned” blueprint for growth, and bring in a unitary authority for Buckinghamshire, turfing out the dead wood and reducing one whole layer of authorities.  This would save £40m pa according to Bucks CC Chief Executive.

We would then be able to service our roads properly and finance local hospital services for local needs. 

It’s common sense.  It’s Local and it’s National.  Vote UKIP on 2 May.

Wood Katrina, Conservative

We are all facing new and increasing challenges in Local Government and the next few years will be no different.  I promise to approach these challenges in the best interests of the Hazlemere residents whatever this may entail whilst never losing site of local priorities.

 I am an experienced Councillor and have lived in the area continuously for nearly 30 years and know Hazlemere well. I work very closely with existing Councillors and if selected will continue to do so for the benefit of everyone.   I am a strong supporter of Community Groups and Parish Councils and I know they are all finding it increasingly hard to find new members and the availability of local premises to hold meetings is another challenge they are facing. I will continue to support and assist them wherever I can.    

Community Groups are the life blood of any Community and a lifeline for many in the Community and need to be given every possible assistance to flourish, and should work for the interests of all the residents.

 I am someone who people feel they can approach with their concerns and who will work with them in a positive was to get things done.

 The County Council has an excellent record of providing services – care of the vulnerable, good schools, good value for money; Conservatives have made an explicit commitment to maintain the level and standard of services at reasonable cost and this is one reason why you should vote for me on 2nd May.

Marlow division

Hill Penny, UKIP

Ingram Helen, Labour

Scott Richard, Conservative

Jarrett Nicholas, Liberal Democrat

I am the Lib Dem candidate for Marlow and I hope to bring a fresh voice to the County Council. I am an Educational Psychologist with an expert knowledge of Education and Special Educational Needs.  I have worked at a Senior management level and have the experience to ensure value for money and quality services for the council tax payer.

I am married and have lived in Marlow for seven years. Prior to that I lived in Sussex where I was a local councillor for 12 years and Chair of Leisure Committee. My children attended local schools before going on to university. I support the Marlow community especially local sport, music and I am an allotment holder. I am a cyclist and passionate about road safety.

If elected I would prioritise:

·     Making decent repairs to our neglected roads - covered in potholes for years.

·     Develop parking policy to help local residents - especially those subject to commuter parking.

·     Reconsider the contracting out of the Marlow Children’s Centre and ensure existing services are maintained for families.

·     Develop services for those with Special Needs and Disabilities and ensure the new SEN legislation is properly implemented.

The full Lib Dem manifesto is available on our website www.wycombelibdems.org.uk

Now that I have taken retirement I work part-time in private practice. I have the knowledge, time and the enthusiasm to serve the Marlow community as your local county councillor.

Ridgeway East division

Carroll David, Conservative

Gardner Ron, Labour

Harrison Allison, Liberal Democrat

Morris Nick, UKIP

If you are satisfied with the county’s roads, services and infrastructure there’s no need to read any further.

I believe that if we do things the same way we will always get the same results!  With declining standards of roads, public services and infrastructure it makes sense to question how and where public money is spent. I will ask not only questions but ask the difficult questions too.

It is ridiculous that in an emergency some travel past Wycombe General Hospital on their way to Stoke Mandeville.  Pressure needs to be applied to change this and ask why it is priority to build a New Sports Centre but not hospital services. I will question the council’s priorities.

It would make sense to have a unitary authority; it is thought that this would save the county £40m pa.  This would enable the county to maintain our roads properly and provide better local services. I will seek to save your money.

We need to encourage diversity within the Council, with the same few people running the county decade after decade nothing really changes.  The Council needs to draw from the wide variety of backgrounds, skills and experiences that exist across the county, to provide a voice for all in the county. UKIP is a diverse party drawing support from every community; I will speak up for all in the community and make sure your voice is heard.

Its common sense, it’s local and it’s national.  Vote UKIP on 2nd May.

Ridgeway West division

Caldwell Jo, Labour

Etholen Carl, Conservative

Shingleton Helen, UKIP

Smith Michael, Liberal Democrat

Fisher Sally, Green

The Chiltern Green Party wants to be your voice in the decisions that affect you - protection of the green belt & listening to local opinion rather than ignoring it - as the Conservatives are doing on HS2.
If elected we would push for more support for local businesses and stop the current sprawl of the big supermarkets by scrutinising all new planning applications that affect our communities. We would welcome local initiatives like the transition town networks & improve the ability for people to grow their own food.
We will campaign to improve our road network by investing in high quality public transport with defined cycled routes & 20mph speed limits in our villages & introduce better speed controls rather than the current damaging road humps that litter our villages.
We will promote proper insulation & invest more in renewables, such as solar panels and heat pumps and promote the financial savings in these trying times.
But most of all, we will listen…..  There is staleness in the council chambers, with little enthusiasm and little action on the ideas we will bring to the table.
At the moment it is not easy to see how decisions are made within the council. Many decisions are taken in private and it is not always clear who made a decision, or when it was made. As Green Party councillors, we would want the council to be more transparent, accountable and inclusive, to involve the community in helping the council to make better and more informed decisions and be inclusive rather than confrontational.
So on May 2nd you will be given a choice on who you wish to represent you in your community. You of course have the usual suspects & in addition you have an option of the widely fielded UKIP who have come to the party late.
But outside of that you have a party that has been steadily growing election after election, winning over voters who realise we are more interested in the long gain not short term fixes. A vote for the Green Party isn't a wasted vote, it's a vote for shared values & fairness, its a vote for your community. Make your vote count on Thursday & vote Green


Ryemead and Micklefield division

Bradshaw Martin, Labour

Day Pauline , UKIP

Cicin-Sain Ivan, Green

Ivan has lived in High Wycombe since 1996 and is a part-time technical author, married with two children. He is also studying for an environmental MSc degree with the Open University.
As a trustee and volunteer in the new Wycombe Environment Centre, Ivan has been very involved with the Centre and getting it ready for opening to the public. He is also active in the Transition Town High Wycombe group, who are committed to local sustainable living. His home is open for viewing once a year as part of the Superhome project, showcasing houses that have decreased their carbon footprint by more than 60%.
Though this is his first foray into the political arena, he feels his ward deserves to have a green voice, so has decided to stand for council.

Harris Mark, Conservative

Having been a resident of Wycombe District for 28 years and with two years’ service as a Parish Councillor under my belt, I now want to represent Ryemead & Micklefield as a County Councillor for the Conservative Party.

The area has a range of challenges and aspects of life which could be better and I have spent recent months starting to get to grips with these challenges.  I’ve done this by talking to people on the doorstep, joining the Neighbourhood Action Group and volunteering at Micklefield Job Club.

The most frequent event on the doorstep is resident have complained they have no idea what the Council is up to.

On that basis, a key piece of work I’ll deliver once elected is to create communication channels to and from residents.  This will enable residents to talk to their Councillor on the phone, via Facebook and Twitter and even via Skype.    What will they talk about?  Things that concern them, things that are important to them.

To inform residents of what’s going on from the Council perspective, there will be a regularly updated website and, for those who want them, updates by email or text.

I aim not only to listen to residents when they say they want to be kept informed, and deliver against that wish, but to use those communication channels to listen to residents views on the big issues (schools, roads, social services, policing) and to do my best to deliver against their wishes in those areas too.

Wassell Julia, Liberal Democrat

I am a highly motivated opposition councillor in the one party state of Buckinghamshire. All the Parliamentary seats and Councils in Buckinghamshire are Conservative held. Through hard work, determination, loyal voters and the help of friends I have managed to win eight times in a row at local elections. I am a Liberal Democrat candidate and support the community activism of the Party. This suits my style as I enjoy discussing issues with residents, getting organised with a petition or a campaign and making changes from the better.

Whatever problems residents have I will always put in 100% effort. I enjoy being outdoors in all weathers, as with recent canvassing in blizzards and rain, so clear up days and the anti-graffiti campaign are right up my street.

The Liberal Democrats stand for social justice, so if you vote for us, you can be assured that we will represent you, whoever you are or wherever you live. I believe that I speak up well for Wycombe and my area at the County Council. I also have a lot of specialist knowledge in health and social care as I have been a mental health worker for many years.

I work at the local University currently and this has given me a better understanding of education issues. I ask many questions at the Council and am very successful in bidding for road improvement schemes. This year I was more successful than any other councillor in Wycombe.

Terriers and Amersham Hill division

Adams Barbara, UKIP

Mahmood Chaudhry, Liberal Democrat

Manomano Joseph, Labour

Letheren Valerie, Conservative

I am motivated by a deep commitment to our Town having been Mayor and Chairman of Wycombe District Council before joining Bucks County Council in 2001 representing this division where I have lived for the past 30 years. I care about our environment and its residents, and have had the benefit of meeting many of them during my years as a councillor and also as a local physiotherapist.

  My main priority recently has been making sure that our young people who have the misfortune to need to go into public care through no fault of there own have the best possible deal in life. To that end I have been promoting local foster carers. and people willing to adopt where that is the best outcome ,making sure these young people get all the support they need.

  My previous responsibility at Cabinet County level was roads and like many of our residents I am concerned about the present state of our roads and pavements. If re-elected I will pursue this to get the improvements we need. I also believe that now is the time to look at 20mph limits in appropriate roads.

  I have been working closely with the police on the local neighbourhood action group [NAG] and believe that together we can do more for our residents. I have been involved for many years with  Wycombe Neighbourhood Watch who do fantastic work in keeping down our crime  levels and am currently their President.

  I have been fortunate to serve on the Council’s Shadow Health and Well Being Board working with the GPs and Public health director to get the best possible health outcomes for our residents. It goes public in June.

  I would be honoured to continue the work I have committed myself to do for our residents.

The Risboroughs division

Abbott Jef, Labour

Bendyshe-Brown Bill, Conservative

Harmsworth Gerald,

Liberal Democrat Rixon Kate, UKIP

Turner Alan, Independent

As a resident of Princes Risborough for the last 25 years, a Town Councillor for 10 years and a District Councillor for 2 years I believe I am well placed to understand the problems and concerns we as a community currently face and those issues that are looming on the horizon. If elected I will push for better quality roads, which are in such an abysmal state due to woeful underfunding over recent years. How do we find the huge funds required to do the job properly? I believe the only way is to merge the County and District Councils in Bucks into a Unitary Authority, thus giving potential savings of tens of millions of pounds and at the same time protecting our services from the worst effects of massive cuts being made by central Government. The transitional costs could easily be met from the enormous pooled reserves of each of the merging councils, with almost instant savings across the board. I will continue to oppose HS2, a multi billion pound millstone hanging round the tax payer’s neck that would devastate the Chilterns.

I will also continue to challenge inappropriate housing developments, such as Park Mill Farm, and fight to retain the character of our local communities. Whilst encouraging sensible development which allows for growth at a sustainable rate.

My commitment to you:  If you elect me as your Independent County Councillor I will represent our community’s best interests with honesty and endeavour. 

The Wooburns, Bourne End and Hedsor division

Appleyard Michael, Conservative

Gradowski Christina, Labour

Martin Joan, UKIP

Pollock Brian, Liberal Democrat

Totteridge and Bowerdean division

Hussain Ghalib, Labour

Whitehead Philip, UKIP

Ditta Chaudhary, Liberal Democrat  

I am the County Councillor with Julia Wassell for Bowerdean, Micklefield and Totteridge. On May 2nd I hope you will vote for me in Bowerdean and Totteridge and for Julia in Micklefield and Ryemead. We have been a very successful partnership together and have been the only opposition councillors from Wycombe at County Hall for 8 years. During this time we have fought many issues including:- The transfer of hospital services from Wycombe to Stoke Mandeville The closure of Libraries Expensive meals provided free of charge to County Councillors The state of our roads We have had many successes also: New Traffic Lights at Bowerdean crossroads New Library at Micklefield Supporting the transformation of Highcrest Community School County Council gave land for a hospice day centre on the old Kingswood school site in Totteridge Lane.

Making improvements in Hollis Road, whilst accepting there is more to be done.

Cleaning up graffiti behind Terryfield Road and elsewhere Obtaining funding for Vehicle Activated Signs in Hatters Lane to be installed this year.

Supporting the relaunch of Totteridge Community Centre and we want a new building.

Verges filled in at Hicks Farm Rise.

New grit bins regularly sited with new ones in Terryfield Road and Lorraine Close to come.

Helped to Save the open air swimming pool.

These are just some examples of what we have achieved together, residents and County Councillors together.

Please support me on May 2nd and I will continue this work with Julia Wassell.

Green Tony, Conservative

Tony has lived in Totteridge Drive with his wife and two daughters since moving to High Wycombe 16 years ago. As he lives in the division, he knows the area well and is aware of many of the issues there.

He is currently a district councillor for the adjoining ward of Terriers and Amersham Hill. He was first elected to Wycombe District Council for the ward of Green Hill and Totteridge in May 1999 and prior to this was a councillor in the London Borough of Lambeth for 15 years.

Tony has held many roles on the District Council including being deputy leader from 2001-03 and from 2009-11. He was also Mayor of High Wycombe for the year 2003-04 and is currently Chairman of the High Wycombe Town Committee.

He wishes to use his extensive experience of local government for the benefit of the residents of Totteridge and Bowerdean.

Tony is a fervent campaigner against cuts at Wycombe Hospital and is a founder member of the campaign group "Save Our Hospital Services". By being a County Councillor he will have more influence to get proper emergency services returned to Wycombe hospital.

Tony can be contacted by email at tony@tonygreen.org or by phone on 01494527370. Visit his website at www.tonygreen.org for more information on his campaign.

If elected, Tony will represent all residents of Totteridge and Bowerdean.

 Tylers Green and Loudwater division

Ferris Mark, Labour

Postles Richard, UKIP

Shakespeare David, Conservative

Snaith Trevor, Liberal Democrat      

Wycombe Marsh Loudwater, Tylers Green and the South of Buckinghamshire deserves more from our council.  We need a stronger economy and fairer society.

 Liberal Democrats are petitioning BCC to investigate the services of Stoke Mandeville Hospital. I hope our petition will be the start in getting our A&E back. If elected  will also be pressing for BCC to set up a fighting fund to get our A&E back into Wycombe.

 There is a desperate need to reduce parking congestion around schools and for speed limits of 20mph in proximity to schools.   Sustainable apprenticeship schemes are needed to get our children into work.

 Potholes still remain a big issue and this area remains seriously underfunded.   These measures and more can be achieved by introducing a single tier Unitary authority, getting rid of the District Councils whilst supporting Town and Parish councils.

I both live and work locally and am a senior manager in a  software business. I became a councillor over 6 years ago because I was incensed with some of the ridiculous planning and traffic decisions in our area.   I have a  proven track record of supporting local community groups and a record of delivery for local residents. Be it fighting the closure of services or stopping unwanted developments.

  It’s often said that residents never see their councillors. Those that know me are aware that I proactively work with resident groups, Faith Groups, Parish and Town groups  to secure  the funding we need to deliver the service we deserve .           

West Wycombe division

Luxton Hedley, UKIP

Oriabure Henry, Labour

Hayday Darren, Independent  

Darren Hayday (Independent) is a lifelong resident of the newly formed West Wycombe ward where in the last 20 years he has lived mostly in Sands and Booker. He is well known and trusted in Wycombe, having gone to school here and having served as a Councillor for Wycombe District Council, specifically for Booker and Cressex from 2003 to 2011. He had the great honour of being the Mayor of High Wycombe in 2006-07. During his time with Wycombe District Council, Darren worked closely with the GASP group to kick out the Stadium proposals, believing that Abbey Barn Lane should be the key location for a move.

He is married with a young son and is a self employed Marketing Consultant where he is also studying with the CIM to become Chartered.

Darren no longer believes in party politics and instead believes in ‘people power’ hence the reason that he’s decided to stand purely on his own two feet as an Independent.

  "It is not right that Cllrs or MP’s are told what to hold views on or which way to vote on issues, they should represent the people and not the party."

  If elected he wants to make sure that road maintenance, speeding traffic, Unitary Councils and Wycombe Hospital are on the top of his list to help sort out in the ward and town.

Visit his website www.voteHAYDAY.com or search for ‘vote Darren Hayday’ on facebook to see more about Darren and what he’s doing in his election.

McEnnis Ian, Conservative

Ian is an experienced local politician and is currently a serving Wycombe District Councillor for the Chiltern Rise Ward,   Ian was Mayor of High Wycombe in 2002  and Chairman of Wycombe District Council in 2011   He was Chairman of the Joint Councils ’scrutiny review on Big Society in Buckinghamshire   In partnership with like minded Groups was successful in protecting AONB surrounding Wycombe Air Park.

 Assisted local community in rescuing West Wycombe Village Library from closure  Ian is Chairman of the Lane End Youth Clubs   Ian’s priorities for Buckinghamshire:    Will seek to encourage and promote the development of young people across the whole of the County.

 Excellent schools in our area must be protected.   I want to support the Council’s initiatives to attract investment to the County.

  To encourage local employment, particularly for our young people.

   Devise and implement policies, which support rural communities.   Will defend the Green Belt, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

  Call for greater police numbers and encourage partnership working in combating crime.

  Seek fairer Government funding to care for the vulnerable.

  Continue to be and always striving to be a modern, top performing Council delivering high quality affordable services.

  Keep Council tax low.

  Ian has a proven track record of responding to residents’ issues as they rise and would very much like to continue his service to the local community and asks to vote for him

Timberlake Neil, Liberal Democrat

Buckinghamshire County Council has been under continuous Conservative control since 1889 – the longest period of one-party rule of any elected body in the world. It’s time for some fresh thinking.

I’m proud to be a Liberal Democrat – proud to support a party in Government, building a stronger economy in a fairer society, giving a £600 tax cut to 24 million people, making sure nobody pays income tax on the first £9,440 they earn.

Labour left the public finances in a terrible state. That affects Bucks County Council. Money is tight. That makes it important to spend fairly and wisely.

I am standing for election in West Wycombe. It’s where I live. I believe people have a duty to be active citizens – in hard times we need people who roll up their sleeves and ‘get involved’. I practice what I preach, through being a parish councillor, and a trustee of West Wycombe Library. My background is as a professional transport manager.

I know the value of teamwork; what can be achieved when a council works in partnership with enterprising local bus operators. In Bucks, 10 million bus journeys are made each year – in Oxfordshire it is 46 million. That’s my aspiration for Bucks! We can’t go on sitting in gridlocked traffic. There’s a better way.

My experience offers a way to reduce the impact of Adams Park on Sands and Booker, and I will work with Wycombe Wanderers to help bring in the bigger crowds they deserve without being poor neighbours to local residents.


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