CAMPAIGNERS against a new secondary academy in Stoke Poges staged a silent protest during an open evening for prospective pupils and parents last week.

Villagers placed t-shirts and banners along the route to the controversial school site to show their opposition to the Khalsa Secondary Academy.

The Slough Sikh Education Trust currently have a planning application for the Free School at the Pioneer UK Site on Hollybush Hill and held an event last Thursday for interested parents and students.

But Stoke Poges residents, who are united against the plans, decided to demonstrate their feelings in this remote way rather than disrupt proceedings.

Saera Carter, vice chairman of Stoke Poges Parish Council said: "In the light of KSA holding a private open evening, the Community of Stoke Poges has organised a "silent protest" with many hundreds of residents deciding to stay away.

"The Community decided against appearing en mass to protest out of respect for those innocent parents and prospective students who clearly had no part but werere potentially victims as well."

Campaigners argue there is no demonstrable need for a school in the area, and that Green Belt development should be avoided at all costs.

There are also fears over the influx of traffic as a result of the school run, which would begin as soon as September.

The planning application for the site is scheduled to be heard by South Bucks Dictrict Council planning committee on May 22.