A HAZLEMERE man reeled in a catfish which weighed more than 100lb and is affectionately known as The Duke.

Rodney Hills, 67, of Roberts Ride caught the almighty fish in a lake in Oakwood Park in Norfolk.

He has been fishing for about 50 years and is part of the Marlow Angling Club and the Catfish Conservation Group.

He said: "It is the biggest fish I have ever caught. It weighs 114lb 11oz. The biggest fish I had caught before was 33lb."

The Wels Catfish is known as The Duke and is identified by a circular scar by his dorsal fin.

Mr Hills said: "It has been suggested to me that it is probably the most well known catfish in England.

"It was hard work getting it in."

The Duke was returned to the water by Mr Hills.

He said it took about half an hour to reel in.

“It was quite a struggle”, he said.

Once he had managed to bring the fish nearer to the bank, his son, Adrian stepped in to help with a catfish net.

Mr Hills said: “Once we had got it in the net Adrian said to me you better go and wake someone else up as we are going to have trouble getting this out of the water.”

He woke up another member of the Catfish Conservation Group, and the three of them managed to bring it in.

The fishing trip was organised by the group. Members fish overnight and sleep in small tents at the side of the lake called a Bivvy.

The fish is named after Mick Brown, a famous pike angler, who filmed the lake for the owners.

He caught the fish during the film, and was asked to name it. He chose The Duke, as that is also his own nickname.