AN archaeological dig in Monks Risborough may have discovered a first for the county of Bucks.

The dig is being carried out at St Dunstan's Church, which is the oldest parish in the country.

As the church is expanding its burial area archaeologists asked to do a dig.

Freelance archaeologist Richard Coe and a Chiltern archaeologist called Jill Eyres have been working at the site with volunteers and have discovered a Roman Marching camp.

This is 1st century and is an exciting find as it is a first for Bucks. The Roman foot soldiers would have marched from the surrounding towns and set up camp, building a defensive trench.

They would then destroy this before they moved on so the enemy could not use it.

As well as this they have evidence of an 800BC Iron Age round house, Neolithic, Bronze and Iron age artefacts and medieval 13th and 14th century occupation of the site. All the artefacts will be sent to Oxford for verification.

Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow visited the church on Friday to see the church's annual flower display, and also had a tour of the dig.

The festival's theme was based on the lives of Christian Saints throughout the ages.

As well as the beautiful flowers there was a Princes Risborough Heritage Society Exhibition and art on display.

There was music from the Monks Risborough Primary School on the Friday and organ recitals on the Saturday.

There was a village Songs of Praise on Sunday and more music on Monday from Walters Ash and Naphill Primary School.