A WOMAN who said she was harassed by police in High Wycombe after she ended a relationship with an officer has received support from Beaconsfield MP Dominic Grieve.

Katie Bowman, 24, claims police have continued to harass her in High Wycombe since 2007.

Mr Grieve, who is Attorney General, has raised his concerns with Chief Constable, Sara Thornton, after Miss Bowman got in touch with him.

Thames Valley Police said they investigated and some of the claims were unsubstantiated while others resulted in disciplinary proceedings.

It is reported she went to High Wycombe police station in 2007 after her car was vandalised when she was 18, where an officer took her statement and later texted her having seen her phone number on the statement.

They then became an item, she said, but it ended and she said the harassment then began.

It has been said by Miss Bowman, who studied forensic science at the University of Bedfordshire, in the national press that the police have continually stopped her but she has never been convicted of any of the offences against her.

She told Mr Grieve police intelligence reports against her are adversely impacting on her life and her ability to pursue her career.

However, the police officer who was said to be in a relationship with her has denied in a newspaper interview he ever was.

Mr Grieve said: "While I have not had an opportunity of hearing a police explanation or justification for their actions, I am concerned that a person of apparent good character with no previous convictions should be treated in this way and have raised my concerns with the Chief Constable, particularly as Katie Bowman has raised serious allegations that the intelligence reports may arise from police misconduct towards her.

"It is desirable that this matter be resolved in a manner that commands public confidence and I shall continue to do what I can as her constituency MP to bring this about."

Thames Valley Police said a number of intelligence reports relating to Miss Bowman were reviewed in 2012, some of which were removed and again in 2013 following further requests.

The statement added: "Ms Bowman has made a number of complaints to Thames Valley Police some of which were unsubstantiated and some resulted in disciplinary proceedings against officers.

"In one case Ms Bowman made a complaint against a number of officers which she subsequently withdrew. Despite the fact she withdrew her complaint, Thames Valley Police continued with disciplinary proceedings against the officers.

"The complaints made specifically about harassment were unsubstantiated. The papers were subsequently reviewed by the IPCC which agreed with the conclusion."