A BUDDING young pop star who suffers from Asperger syndrome has recorded a charity single in a bid to become Christmas number one.

11-year-old Fynnjan Leach-Verhoeven from Beaconsfield wrote 'The Spirit of Christmas' in his head when he was bored, despite not being able to play any instruments or ever having shown a particular interest in music.

The brave Seer Green CE primary school pupil first performed the song publicly at the school’s annual Christmas concert last December, the first time his family had heard him sing.

And with the help of his dad's band Buzz and fellow year six pupils, Fynnjan recorded the track last week at Runway Studios in Aylesbury and plans to release it as a single.

The young star is also hoping to enter the record books as the youngest person to write a UK Chart number one single, an accolade currently held by Taylor Swift.

Adrienne Aiken, the producer and owner of Runway Studios, said: "It was a pleasure to record with Fynnjan and his 30 classmates last week. They were brilliant - much better behaved than a lot of bands that I've worked with.

"It's astounding that a person of Fynnjan's age could write such a complete and moving song - roll on the race to reach Christmas number one."

Proceeds from the single will be donated to the National Autistic Society, as well as his school’s special needs department.

Fynnjan has Asperger syndrome, a form of autism which affects how he makes sense of the world, as well as how he communicates with, and relates to other people.

He has above average intelligence but like many with the condition, takes things very literally and has sensory difficulties.

Fynnjan's mum Su said: '"Fynnjan's such a sweet boy. He's always smiling and trying to do the right thing. When we first asked him about doing a single, he said he'd only do it if the money raised could help people with Asperger syndrome, like him.

"That just sums him up really, he's one of a kind.

"We're hoping this is just the start of something really big that will grow and grow towards the end of the year."