PUPILS across south Bucks breathed a sign of relief this morning as they opened their A Level results.

After months of waiting pupils finally discovered what grades they had achieved.

And for those who want to go to university they discovered if they had achieved the grades needed to go to their first choice.  

GEORGE Roberts proved himself to be one of the country's top mathematicians after his A level results placed him in the top eight nationwide.

The Royal Grammar School pupil scored 1,718 points out of a possible 1,800 across his exams in maths, further maths and additional further maths on his way to scooping six A* and A grades.

There will be no let-up from the sums and equations for George, as he's off to study mathematics at Warwick University as he persues a dream of working as an investment banker.

The 18-year-old from Speen, who was one of thousands of pupils who discovered their exam results yesterday, said: "I got a call from the headmaster five minutes before I was due to leave, telling me to hurry up as something had happened, so I got excited then.
"It was just jaw dropping when I opened the envelope - I couldn't believe it.
"The exams weren't too bad - I did a lot of practice for them."

He added: "I'll be going out with my friends later and being responsible."

Also securing three A* grades across the maths subjects at RGS was Tim Bailey, who also got an A* in chemistry and an A in physics.

The 18-year-old from Penn said: "It's been hard work but it was worth it. I'm over the moon."

Three RGS pupils - Matthew Lettis, Liyang Pan and Connor Price - secured five A*s as 80.6 per cent of the pupils secured A*-B grades, while there was a 100 per cent pass rate.

At Wycombe High School 81 per cent of the grades awarded to pupils were A*-B and 14 per cent were A*s.

Among the success stories were Hannin Hadadi, who secured full marks on three of her papers on her way to securing three A* grades. She will now go on to study pharmacy at University College London.

Oxford-bound Ann-Marie Jay also secured three A*s and an A, while Emily Astles got 100 per cent on four of her papers as she too got three A*s.

Twins Clare and Naomi Hyde had twin success, as Clare got two A*s and an A and Naomi two A*s and two As.

Headteacher Sharon Cromie said: "I am delighted that Wycombe High School's A level results have once again risen and are indeed amongst the best in the school's history.

"Our results reflect the dedication and hard work of our students and staff. They are an amazing group of young women. We wish them every success for the next stage of their lives."

Over the road at John Hampden Grammar School, 20 students gained at least three A grades and all those holding Oxbridge offers achieved their places

The highest performing pupil was Nicholas Johnstone, who gained five A* grades and will now study mathematics at Cambridge.

Assistant headteacher Andrew Wright said: "Given that nationally results have fallen we are very pleased with what the boys have achieved. The students in this particular year group managed to not only enjoy school and give to the local community, but were able to work hard to achieve their ambitious goals. We are proud of them and the staff who helped them."

At the Highcrest Academy all bar one subject across A levels and BTEC level three secured a 100 per cent pass rate.

A total of 83 per cent of BTEC grades were awarded the highest grades - a ten per cent leap from last year.

Principal Sheena Moynihan said: "With the highest number of students applying to universities this year, over three quarters have achieved their top choice and the year 13s are attending more universities than previous years across the whole country.

"More students have also achieved apprenticeships in incredibly prestigious and competitive companies too.

"The students are very happy collecting their results this morning and this success is down to the dedication by both students and staff alike."

Former head boy Kenneth Schembri referred to the Academy's motto after receiving his results, saying: "Aspire and achieve has come to life." He is going to study accountancy and finance at Brunel University.

Jimmy Quin, who landed a place at Leicester University, said: "I'm really pleased I'm going to the university I had applied to go to."

SCHOOLS in Amersham and Chesham were celebrating excellent results.

Students at Dr Challoner’s Grammar School had 84 per cent of entries graded B or better, and 60 per cent of entries achieved an A* or A grade. The overall pass rate was 99.75 per cent.

Will Van Dozer from Seer Green got four A*s and one A. He said: “It is great news. I am going to study physics at Oxford.”

Benjamin Kobryner from Amersham got five A*s and one A and is going to study geography at Oxford.

Headteacher Dr Mark Fenton said: “The boys can be proud of what they have achieved. A Level results stay with you for the rest of your life and you will be able to look back with satisfaction on a job well done.”

At Dr Challoner’s High School 59 per cent of grades are at A and above, and 85 per cent are at A* to B, which is an improvement from 2012. The pass rate is at 100 per cent. Evie Butcher from Chalfont St Giles was relieved with two A*s and an A, after she said she thought she had messed up her history exam.

She is going to take a gap year to earn some money to go travelling around Greece and Italy, before applying to study classics next September.

Grace Newenham from Prestwood was also breathing a sigh of relief. She got two Bs and one C, but needed ABB to get into Nottingham University. The uni accepted her anyway.

She said: “I am so happy. I don’t even mind about my results. I am still shocked they let me in.”

Headteacher Ian Cooksey said: “It is a pleasure to see so many smiling faces when the envelopes are opened and to know that their university ambitions will come to fruition.”

At Chesham Grammar School results were better than last year. There were 75 per cent of pupils who got grade B and above and 14.5 per cent got A*s. Assistant Head Alan Roe said: “We are very pleased. We have got a lot of dedicated pupils.”

Chris Bailey got into medical college which had been his life-long dream.

SCHOOLS in towns and villages in south Bucks also had another successful year.

Holmer Green Senior School had a high pass rate with 99 per cent of grades being A* to E, with 38 per cent of grades were A* to B and 71 per cent were A* to C.

Top performers were: Jodie Lancaster, who achieved two A*s and a C, Khashayar Khoshrou, who got two As and two Bs and Tom Terry, who got two As and one B.

Headteacher Michael Jones said: “These results are a real testament to the ambition, hard work and commitment of our students and the staff at Holmer Green. I would like to congratulate all our successful students and thank the members of staff who provided them with the opportunity to achieve such pleasing results.”

Students at Pipers Corner School in Great Kingshill are celebrating a 100 per cent pass rate- 81 per cent of the girls achieved a top A* or A grade in at least one of their subjects with 100 per cent A* and A grades in maths and physics. In art, chemistry, drama, French, geography and textiles 100 per cent of the girls achieved at least a grade A or B.

Headmistress Helen Ness-Gifford said: “Every year I am extremely proud of the girls here at Pipers and this year was no exception. Once again our girls have demonstrated that they are able to reach their highest potential with fantastic grades.“

Students at The Misbourne achieved some fantastic results and overall have achieved more top grades than ever before. The results in every category are even better than last year, with 76 per cent of students achieving top grades. Every student achieved the minimum qualification for university.

Robert Preston, headteacher said; “I am absolutely delighted and so proud of all my students who have achieved these top grades. I also thank my staff who have worked tirelessly with the students to give them every chance for the future.”

At Princes Risborough School 76 per cent of pupils got A* to C and 41 per cent got A* to B.

Headteacher Peter Rowe said: “We are very pleased with our A Level and BTec results this year. We have significantly exceeded the nationally set targets for the expected progress of our students and thus it is no surprise that all of them are off to their first choice universities and or other higher and further education or work opportunities.”