A BAND which have supported Jake Bugg and The Charlatans, among other established musicians, is coming to south Bucks tomorrow.

Inspired by music from bands such as The Doors, The White Stripes and Pink Floyd, one of the quintet, Dali, as he likes to be known, told Freetime, that The Jar Family are having a great time of it now.

With their name increasingly recognised and an ever growing band of followers, the five songwriters, are hoping to add their swelling ranks of fans in Marlow on December 13.

They are set to play at The Life of Riley Club, Christchurch URC in Oxford Road.

Dali, whose real surname is Darley, said it was a nickname at school, and he was also called Salvador after the artist. Explaining what his band is about, he said: "When people ask us what kind of music it is all I say is we're five song writers, all completely different styles of music, fusing all together in one.

"We call it industrialised folk."

The group got together after a band competition in Hartlepool. The songwriters decided that, rather than struggle for success in isolation, they would join forces in 2010 to pool their talent and have become a tight knit group.

Dali said: "I've always played the guitar. I've never been serious about it though until I was about 28. It was when the White Stripes came out, they're one of the biggest influences.

"I bought an electric guitar and bought this and that then started writing songs."

Three bands he loves more than any other are Jim Morrison's The Doors, The White Stripes and Pink Floyd. He also has a passion for old style blues. The fivesome are fresh off the back of this summer’s acclaimed second album, Jarmalade, and a recent Bonfire Night appearance in front of 11,000 people in their hometown of Hartlepool.

"It's brilliant and we just enjoy gigging," said Dali. "To see some of the reactions of the crowd, is overwhelming.

"We are getting followings everywhere now. London, we always get a good following down there, Cornwall, Liverpool and especially in our home town Hartlepool." Dali is looking forward to the Marlow gig.

A relentless touring schedule has included the band appearing as special guests to a number of established artists such as Diana Ross, Jake Bugg, Alabama 3, Babyshambles, The Charlatans and others.

The band has got a big homecoming gig coming up and a third album coming out in the New Year. For more information on The Jar Family please visit www.thejarfamily.com