FIREFIGHTERS are urging people to take extra care on wet or flooded roads with the rain set to continue over the weekend.

Crews rescued a man whose car was stuck in about 2ft 6in (76cm) of water in a dip in Little Linford Lane, Little Linford, near Milton Keynes this morning, prompting their latest warning.

Firefighters recommend the following safety tips: • Try to avoid car journeys during the worst of the weather. Take great care when driving at night in areas that you know have flooded on previous occasions.

• Always check local traffic reports to see if the route is clear before you make the journey.

• Don’t ignore or remove flood warning, diversion or road closure signs.

• Remember, these days, a lot of a car's electrical systems are underneath the car. Don't attempt to drive through water that is more than a few inches deep.

• Floodwater is often deeper than it looks and may be moving quite fast. Your vehicle may be swept away or become stranded.

• Six inches of fast-flowing water can knock you over, and two feet of water can float a car.

• Drive slowly in first gear but keep the engine speed high by slipping the clutch - this will stop you from stalling.

• Avoid the deepest water, usually near the kerb.

• Test your brakes when you are through the flood before you drive at normal speed.