AN EXPASPERATED parish councillor has resorted to writing an open letter to a county council chief asking when progress will be made on a controversial traffic junction.

Mike Lawson, Highways Committee Chairman at Gerrards Cross Parish Council, is frustrated at how long it is taking to get an answer over when changes to the traffic light set up around Packhorse Road can begin.

It comes after the county council agreed with the results of a public consultation held in February to remove a set of traffic lights and reinstate a previous pedestrian crossing.

The consultation was held after huge opposition from residents to the junction changes made to coincide with the opening of the Tesco supermarket in 2010 due to problems with access.

In his letter to Janet Blake, BCC cabinet member for transport, he said: “In the three years since these traffic lights came into service, we have received and continue to receive complaints from our residents.

“During the same period we have received nothing but obfuscation and dilatory responses from BCC, including from your predecessor, Peter Hardy, who cancelled a meeting in 2012 ‘as there was no interest from the residents’, even though he was at that time living in the village.

"We, as a Parish Council, and our residents expect at least transparency and responsiveness from our elected representatives.”

Cllr Lawson said he was assured by council chiefs he would receive a report on the project’s progress, as well as details of BCC’s meeting with Tesco to discuss funding the changes.

However, he insists he has had no contact whatsoever, and only found the Tesco meeting took place by submitting a Freedom of Information request.

TfB has said the council cannot confirm when the work will begin.

Spokesman Dan Elworthy said: “Following the meeting with Tesco in October last year, we are still working with them to agree possible funding and how they can help take this project forward.

“With this in mind, no date can yet be finalised as to when the work can start on the proposed changes.

“We will make sure that details of the consultation with residents are made available to the relevant parties.”