EAGLE-EYED viewers of EastEnders were left wondering if one of the show’s newest characters spent any time in the lecture halls of a Wycombe-based university after Thursday night’s episode.

Nancy Carter, played by actress Maddy Hill, wore a green Bucks New University hoodie, displaying its logo emblazoned on the front, at the start of the episode at 7.30pm.

The character, daughter of new Queen Vic landlord Johnny Carter (Danny Dyer), wore the hoodie after getting up in the morning and also as she prepared the bar for opening.

The episode caused a flurry of feedback on social media sites.

Communications Officer Dean Valler for BNU said: “It has created a lot of excitement.

“Once the programme started you could clearly see Nancy wearing one of our hooded tops.

“Facebook and Twitter were soon deluged with comments from eagle-eyed Bucks New University staff and students who had spotted it and we hope plenty of other people took note as well.

“We appreciated the fantastic exposure and are now looking into how Nancy came to be wearing one of our hoodies.”