A CAMPAIGN to reduce speeding in Chesham begins this week.

Many residents have raised concerns about the issue to the town council, which has bought equipment that will record how quickly motorists drive through Chesham.

The Mobile Activated Vehicle Device - bought thanks to a grant from Buckinghamshire County Council’s Local Area Forum - also tells drivers how fast they are going.

It will be put up in nine different locations over the next six months, starting in Vale Road today.

Other roads that will be under scrutiny are Lye Green Road, Chartridge Lane, Hivings Hill, Missenden Road, Ashley Green Road, Latimer Road, Botley Road and Bois Moor Road. 

It will record speeding data that can be used as statistical evidence to prove there is a concern on speeding around Chesham.

Town clerk Bill Richards said: "While the matter of speeding usually lies with Thames Valley Police and Buckinghamshire County Council, town councillors have been made very aware by residents of their very real worries over this issue.

"Accordingly, being a Town Council granted the General Power of Competence by the government, we have decided to tackle the issue head on. Thanks to the generous grant from Buckinghamshire County Council’s delegated budget, we have been able to buy the Mobile Activated Vehicle Device outright and will be monitoring the data ourselves.

"Obviously we cannot oversee enforcement of the speed limits but, hopefully, this will allow us to put pressure on the statutory authorities who can, if there is shown to be a problem."

The Council is also asking for suggestions from residents of any other roads in Chesham they feel should be scrutinised. Contact Bill Richards on 01494 583824 or townclerk@chesham.gov.uk.