MUSIC from the 70s doesn't seem to go out of fashion, as proven by The Supersonic 70s Show. Lead female singer, Janey Bombshell, believes it is because the songs are so strong and has people from all generations dancing in the aisles.

The 38-year-old talked about her specially designed cat suits, her band mates who are stuck in the 70s and how she stalked Mick Wilson from 10cc.

Janey fronts The Supersonic 70s Show, which is coming to the Wycombe Swan next week, with Mark Keen.

They are supported by a band of four including Greg Hart, Gary Williams, Steve Weaver and Andy Stewart, who together recreate the sound of the 70s and will play music from Queen to David Essex, Abba to Boney M and Wings to 10cc.

Janey, who lives in West Sussex, said: "We cover songs from the Glam era like Suzi Quatro and The Sweet. People like that- it is something for the guys.

"As a 70s show it seemed to attract a lot of women because of the likes of David Cassidy and David Essex.

"But definitely a lot more men come now- it is more 50/50- for the guitar stuff."

And she said they perform songs which many others wouldn't, including Music by John Miles, which is normally performed with a full orchestra.

Since 2010 the show has already been a hit, one huge 70s party by the end, and everyone is up and dancing in the aisles.

The band's highly energetic performance is completed with genuine 70s costumes with all the glitz and blitz you would expect from this colourful era of denim, satin and leather.

The show is self managed, with the idea originally coming from Greg.

She said: "I came along to audition for what I thought was just going to be a backing singer. I have got a child and I thought I was going to break myself back in gently.

"I came along and I said 'I don't know whether I am right for you.' Then they said, they didn't want me to be the backing singer but the lead.

"It was great to be involved in it right from the beginning to see something grow from very small to be doing big theatres, like the Swan."

So what prompted Greg to make the show?

Janey said: "He is actually stuck in the 70s. You have to see him to believe it.

"If ever there was a bigger 70s fan it was him. It was all his idea to put together a show that does all the different types of songs from the era- not just disco and glam and pop.

"It is really tapping into people's memories and taking them on a trip down memory lane."

The band wear authentic costumes, and Janey has had three cat suits specially designed for her. She said: "I go to the gym. I have become quite an addict- I never thought that would happen to me.

"It is a two and a half hour show fronted by myself and Mark.

"We do dance a lot as well. We love it. You do think you have got to be really fit for this.

"You get to the theatre at 4pm, then sometimes don't leave until midnight.

"You have got to be really fit- I am going to the gym four times a week.

"The cat suits won't go on otherwise."

Janey has a 10-year-old son called William, who comes along to see some of the shows. She said: "I am a single parent. I am really keen to instil into William, 'This is mum's work and this is how I earn my money.'

"He has to understand. He is very proud of it."

Janey has recently launched her début album, with co-written songs by David Martin and Mick Wilson, current lead singer with 10cc.

She said: "I stalked him [Wilson] for a while. That man's voice is amazing. I hunted him down and said I want to write an album- will you duet on a couple.

"He said I would love to and he co-wrote three songs."

She has been singing since the age of 15 and is doing a solo show at The Stables in Milton Keynes on February 22. But before then she is coming to the Swan with the 70s show. So what's it like touring with a bunch of guys?

She said: "The guys in the band get excited sometimes. We get a lot of women in the audience.

"They think they are back in the 70s. I have to keep them in line. "You have to have broad shoulders in this business, particularly if you are female. "All the banter- you get a bit bored of it- it just goes over your head.

"But the guys are really great and very talented. It is a great show."

The Supersonic 70s Show is at The Wycombe Swan in High Wycombe on January 23 at 7.30pm. Tickets are £17 and £16 (booking fees apply) from 01494 512000 or visit  

To find out more about the show visit

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