A RETIRED murder squad detective will explore the motives and horrors of 20 of the world's worst serial killers.

Trevor Marriott will describe and highlight the murders committed of some serial killers who may be familiar to people, and others which won't be.

In the show at The Elgiva in Chesham at the start of next month he will show more than 200 photos of not only the victims and their killers, but from the original crime scenes.

Mr Marriott, who lives in Bedford, said: "The general public have more than a passable interest in serial killers. They have that morbid fascination with serial killers and their crimes.

"I wrote a book some time ago incorporating the world's worst serial kills. The show is really a platform from that."

He will not only show the crimes the killers committed, but also the pain and suffering of the victims, and the victims' families.

In addition he will be highlighting some of the errors of judgements made by law enforcement officers.

Mr Marriott said: "I have to say, not because I am doing it, but it is an interesting evening for people interested in serial killers."

The former detective held a long and protracted cold case investigation into the serial killer Jack the Ripper, but he won't reveal which killers he focuses on in the show.

He said: "I don't want to name them. It is a bit of a surprise.

"If the audience knew who they were going to be beforehand, it takes the edge off it a bit."

He said he heavily researched the show by looking at past newspapers and articles and using various resources.

Mr Marriott added: "This show is not for the squeamish or faint hearted as many of the photographs shown are of a very graphic nature, which some may find disturbing.

"This show is without a doubt one of the most enthralling and captivating shows ever to be seen in a theatre, and as likely as not, the audience may shed more than a tear or two before the evening ends."

The Worlds Worst Serial Killers is at The Elgiva on February 1 at 7.30pm. Tickets are £14 or £12 for concessions. Call 01494 582900 or go to www.elgiva.com

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