BOSSES at Marlow Fire Station have thanked business owners and managers across the town for allowing firefighters time off to attend to emergencies during the recent flooding.

Marlow has 11 retained firefighters, who as well as responding to call-outs, hold down part-time and full-time jobs across a wide range of fields.

And Watch Manager Richard Boast expressed his gratitude to all the employers who have shown undertanding during the problems caused by the new year floods.

He said: "I'd like to thank all the employers for being totally understanding in releasing them to attend the recent emergencies.

"We have had more calls than normal and everyone has been great in allowing them to be away from work while responding.

"There are self employed firefighters too so I'd like to thank all those people who have put up with not getting their houses decorated or whatever it is, and they have been very understanding too."

Marlow's retained firefighters work in businesses across town, including Waitrose, Marks and Spencer and Rebellion Brewery.