THE DAUGHTER of a vulnerable woman, who was home alone when burglars struck, has called for the public to help catch those responsible for the shocking crime.

Another elderly woman living alone had money demanded from her by intruders, which one of Wycombe's top policemen branded as "despicable" and "the lowest form of crime".

Police said, while they are keeping an open mind, they believe the burglaries could be linked.

Sarah Johnson's 84-year-old mother, who is wheelchair-bound following a stroke 20 years ago, was putting on her tights in her Lacey Green home sometime between 3pm and 8.45pm on January 8 ahead of a visit from her carer.

Police said a man gained entrance to the Goodacres Lane house, helped her get dressed and then told her that he was there to take her money.

Mrs Johnson said her startled mother tried to resist his demands but eventually caved in. He left after stealing £240 from her purse.

Mrs Johnson, who lives in London, said she hopes the shocking burglary does not affect her mother’s independence or outlook on life.

She said: "I was stunned and horrified when I received the call from the carer because she is a very vulnerable woman.

"I was just thankful she was alright because she cannot defend herself. She’s disabled down one side, her sight isn’t great and she’s pretty deaf.

"She’s housebound but she wants to stay in her own house, she’s quite independent in that regard, she keeps herself to herself and wouldn’t mean harm to anyone. I hope this doesn’t mean a change in lifestyle."

Carers only found out about the terrifying incident on January 11 after they went into her purse to pay for something.

Mrs Johnson said: "She probably didn’t say anything because she wouldn’t want a fuss. It’s a lot of money to my mum, its pension money that pays for all of her bills.

"I really want the police to bring the perpetrator to justice and urge anyone who may know anything to come forward so this doesn’t happen to anyone else. It shouldn’t happen and it’s a sad indictment on society."

But a second vulnerable woman was target by burglars this week. On Monday, January 13 an 87-year-old was in bed in her home in The Crescent in High Wycombe when she heard a noise at about 8.30pm.

She got up to investigate and saw a man attempting to leave out of the bathroom window when a second man approached her.

He grabbed her by the arm and asked where she kept her money. She gave the man her purse but he demanded more cash from her.

She told the intruders she kept money under another mattress so the man led her into another bedroom, lifted up the mattress and left with about £1000 in cash, police said.

Officers said the elderly woman was awoken again at some point later the same night to see a man stood in her bedroom.

He told her that he was ‘there to put something back’ and rummaged around in a drawer before leaving the property in Totteridge.

The second man is described as a clean shaven white male, 40-50 years old, about 5ft 6" tall of slight build with a local accent.

He was wearing a blue woollen hat and navy overalls, police said.

Ch Insp Seaton said: "These are disgusting and despicable acts. Taking advantage of elderly and vulnerable people is as low as crime can get.

"The people responsible must be someone’s son, brother or father and so someone must know who is responsible for committing these crimes and we would really like to hear from these people."

Contact police on the non-emergency 101 enquiry line or contact the Crimestoppers charity anonymously on 0800 555 111 with information.