PLANS for a Pubwatch scheme in Marlow are in discussion, with landlords preparing to meet with the council and police to discuss the details.

The initiative, which operates nationwide, sees the sharing of information about potential troublemakers across the town’s pubs and bars to keep sensible revellers safe.

Unlike High Wycombe, Marlow has not operated a formal Pubwatch policy for years, with police, landlords and the community keen to reinstate the town-wide system of communication.

Marlow's Inspector Scott Messenger said the sharing of information would benefit everyone, but insisted the town’s nightlife is one of the safest in the area.

He said: “Pubwatch is in its infancy, but it’s definitely something we’re looking to launch. “The night time economy in Marlow is very relaxed and we don’t have too many problems, which is fantastic for everyone.

“These sort of schemes involve the whole community and encourage the flow of intelligence from businesses and members of public, and that works really well for us.”

Insp. Messenger he is hopeful the scheme can be up and running by the spring, and will attend a meeting early next month to get the plans underway.