COUPLES counseling is now on offer to adults in and around the Wycombe area thanks to a charity dedicated to helping people through hard times.

While South Bucks Counselling – formerly MPF Counselling – makes a charge for the service, the charity is more affordable than private sessions.

Andrew Wilton, Chairman of the agency said, "We have lots of enquiries about Couples Counselling from people who cannot afford to go to a private Counsellor, but we have not had the capacity to offer this in the past.

"We are really pleased that we can now give couples the opportunity to work through their issues with our experienced Counsellors, alongside our individual Counselling sessions.’’

South Bucks Counselling offers clients from all geographical areas a confidential counselling service to help them deal with issues, such as depression or anxiety, which may have been triggered by recent events such as the break-up of a relationship, low income or unemployment.

Located in the centre of High Wycombe, South Bucks Counselling offers appointments during the day, evening and on Saturday mornings. It is part of the National Counselling Network, a national body with recognised standards for training, counselling and supervision.

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