A HOTEL and pub in Saunderton could be turned into a house, if planning approval is given.

A planning application has been put in for a change of use at The Chiltern in Wycombe Road, formerly known as The Rose and Crown.

Arafat Akhtar from West Wycombe Road wants to change the hotel into a large family home, improve the appearance of the front and to form a private new access away from public view.

The Chiltern Hotel has 14 en suite rooms and houses Scott's Restaurant and is currently open as usual.

The planning application was validated at the start of the month and a target determination date by Wycombe District Council has been set for the end of February.

In the application documents it said the pub and hotel has been owned and operated by its current owners for the last 12 years and for the last six years has struggled to maintain a financially viable business.

It said: "The property has been advertised for in excess of 18 months with a reputable and specialised firm of Chartered Surveyors (Christie and Co) to attract purchasers from the hotel industry. No proceedable bids were received although various expressions of interest from residential developers were received."

The plans want to move the access point from the busy A4010 to Lee Road. Concerns have been raised by WDC council officers about the traffic noise levels, which are expected to be reasonably high and conditions would need to be imposed to make sure the noise levels are satisfactory.

Mick Evins, on behalf of Bledlow-cum-Saunderton Parish Council said: "Bledlow-cum-Saunderton Parish Council has no particular view one way or the other, apart from the potential for losing yet another local public facility.

"The council is aware however, that there have been complaints in the past about the use made of the frontage for parking vehicles. It is suggested that TfB make clear where the highway boundary lies and to point that out to the applicants."

Project Design Architects did not wish to make a comment on behalf of the applicant.

The manager of the hotel was not available for comment.

Members of the public can make comments on the planning application on WDC's planning portal online until January 31.