NIGEL Farage told a packed public meeting in Chalfont St Peter that UKIP were on the march and would make an "earthquake" in British politics.

The leader of the UKIP party spoke at the village's community centre to about 300 people who had gathered on Saturday.

Earlier in the day he had been to the Kings Arms in Old Amersham and in the evening there was another public meeting at Beaconsfield High School.

Chiltern District Councillor David Meacock, who is a UKIP member, welcomed Mr Farage to the stage as "a future British Prime Minister."

It was the first public meeting in the South East region as part of the European Parliament election campaign. The election is on May 22.

In 2009 UKIP came second across the UK in the European election taking 12 seats, behind 27 seats for the Conservative party.

Mr Farage said: "This time it is different. This time we are going for gold. This time it is our intention that we come first... and that we cause an earthquake in British politics because, frankly, it is needed."

He said the political class is not listening to good, ordinary decent people and the front benches look the same- having all come from the same background, adding: "Between them they have never done a day's work in their life."

He said they are more interested in climbing up the ministerial ladder and don't understand what it's like for ordinary people trying to pay their bills.

He added: "Our politicians have lost touch with reality."

Mr Farage said UKIP may have one or two rough edges but said the media has exaggerated this.

He said when David Silvester, a councillor from Henley, blamed storms and floods on David Cameron pushing for gay marriage it was like an explosion in British politics and the media thought it worthy to make it national news.

Yet he said a Conservative councillor accused of threatening someone with an imitation firearm in Chingford on January 18 made no more than the local news.

Mr Farage said: "I am not one for conspiracy theories but I will add this. Do you know the reason you see all these anti UKIP stories?

"Because we have the establishment of this country absolutely terrified of the effect that UKIP is going to have on their vote."

He said UKIP know a lot of people in the country object to being part of the European Union.

He said: "The best people to govern Britain are the British people themselves."

Mr Farage had the members of the public laughing along with his jokes, but when he asked how many there were members of UKIP only about a quarter raised their hands.

He said: "The last great myth we have to dispel is the myth if you vote for UKIP you will get a Miliband Government in 2015."

He said this is not true and that their appeal spreads further than the "retired half Colonel living in the Chilterns."

Mr Farage spoke about the party's opposition against HS2 which he says is an overpriced folly. He said speed is not needed from London to Manchester as you can already get there in two hours and two minutes.

He said the Government should be looking at solving the overcrowding on trains going into London, where there are 150,000 standing every day going into London. Mr Farage ended his talk with a rallying speech encouraging people to vote for UKIP.

He said: "Be less English. Get stuck in...

"You are going to take back freedom, independence and above all, self respect, for this country."