A BUSINESS owner who walks along a stretch of pavement every day says drivers are risking people's lives and that it is only a matter of time before someone is hit by a car.

David Abbott, who runs Platinum Resourcing on Marlow High Street, claims the lack of a raised kerb on Station Road, near where it meets the High Street roundabout, means cars frequently drive up on the pavement.

And he said the council is reluctant to do anything about the serious safety risk because highways teams claim it is a historical problem going back decades.

Mr Abbott said: "For various historical reasons there is no proper kerb on Station Road near the High Street for about 150 yards.

"What that means is that at various times of the day if there are cars parked on the Burgers side of the road, there is no room for two cars to pass and cars just drive along the pavement instead.

"I walk along that road every day and I’ve seen near misses. If you know the road then you know not to walk there but not everyone does. Someone is going to get hit."

The kerb along Station Road is comprised of individual stones, and not the conjoined, higher squared variety seen on newer streets.

Transport for Buckinghamshire, Bucks County Council’s highways arm, said the dropped kerb was in place to allow pedestrians to cross near the roundabout, and that the lower stones still act as a clear boundary.

TfB spokesman Dan Elworthy said: "Station Road, Marlow has a clearly defined edge to the highway by kerb stones and double yellow line road markings.

"If there is an issue of cars driving off the designated highway and over the pavement, then this would be for the police to enforce.

"At the end of Station Road, towards the High Street, there is a section of dropped kerb stones to act as a crossing point for pedestrians.

"According to our records, we have no request to make changes to these kerb stones in the last twelve months, and we have no reported injury collisions of anyone being struck by passing cars in the last ten years."