A ROAD that was due to be closed for another week after a sewer collapsed, should be open again tonight.

Stratton Road, in Beaconsfield, was closed on Thursday, February 6, with work planned to last up until February 19.

However, Thames Water has been able to fix the problem and the road is due to be open again tomorrow, Thames Water and Transport for Bucks have said.

A spokesperson for Thames Water, Sarah Sharpe, said: “A collapsed sewer led to us closing Stratton Road so we could work safely on the carriageway.

“Engineers worked through the weekend to get the pipe fixed as fast as they could, and the road will be reopened on Tuesday evening.”

It is the second sewer problem in Beaconsfield recently, with Gregories Road – which connects to Stratton Road – having sewage leak on to it last month. Click here to read our report.